With the push to a digital economy, more and more SMEs and start-ups are automating their routine day-to-day tasks. While most businesses today use a card reader and other digital devices they still rely on manual time tracking and complex spreadsheets to monitor the time and attendance of employees.

Time-consuming and labour-intensive, manual time tracking is not only difficult but also curbs the future growth and expansion of your business. Your business can reach its full potential only when you create an efficient internal system that is scalable and effective.

Biometric Attendance System

Moving to a biometric attendance system is the first step in your journey to a scalable and profitable business. With dozens of biometric access control systems in the market, how do you choose the right one that is a perfect fit for your business?

Worry not! Check out these top features to look for while evaluating biometric time trackers.

1. Number of stored fingerprints

Look for biometric time trackers that can store and verify a large number of fingerprints, even if your business has just a few employees right now. This way, the device will be able to accommodate new employees as your business grows over the years.

2. Durability and ruggedness

Look for devices that are rugged and durable and work in extreme temperatures, especially if your organisation attracts a lot of dirt and dust. Some biometric trackers like the Eurovigil I Deter MB100 come with scratch-proof optical sensors which ensure that irrespective of environmental factors and handling, the fingerprint sensor works perfectly at all times.

3. 360◦ verification angle

Employees are likely to be in a hurry – irrespective of whether they are clocking in or clocking out. Look for biometric time trackers that have a 360◦ verification angle, which identifies employee fingerprints quickly, regardless of how they place their finger on the optical sensor.

4. Access control

Apart from time-tracking, biometric attendance systems can also be used for security purposes like restricting non-authorised personnel into secure areas of the building. Look for devices that have integrated access control functionalities.

5. Fingerprint identification time

The success of a fingerprint attendance system depends on the accuracy of identification. Look for devices that sense fingerprints quickly within a fraction of a second and transmit the date quickly to the server for accurate time-tracking.

6. Internet connectivity

Internet connectivity is a must-have feature of biometric fingerprint sensors. The sensor transfers the clock-in/clock-out time of employees via the internet to your attendance and payroll HR system. Additionally, internet connectivity is essential to update the device and keep it functioning without any bugs.

7. USB connectivity

While this isn’t essential, it’s a recommended additional feature. Having USB connectivity helps you to backup data quickly using an external storage device.

8. Battery backup

There are two main types of biometric devices – wired and wireless. Wired devices are connected with wires to a power supply and wireless runs on an internal battery. Irrespective of the type, look for devices that have a secondary battery backup so that it runs continuously in the case of power shortage.

9. Integration to payroll management systems

The data from the biometric time trackers plays a crucial role in improving the efficiency of payroll management systems. With accurate attendance details of employees, it’s easier for the payroll team to compute employee salaries quickly and accurately. Look for devices that transfer data directly to the payroll software, thereby simplifying payroll calculations.

10. Support

While biometric time trackers are easy-to-install and easy-to-use, there may be instances when you would face some troubles and require expert assistance. Always purchase your device from reputed companies like Eurovigil, who offer you both web assistance and in-place service support.

Explore Eurovigil’s range of biometric employee attendance and access control systems

While zeroing down on the right model that works for your business, make sure to check out all the features listed above and pick the best one that will serve you for several years to come.


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