The advances in home security technology has brought about revolutionary changes in the way we choose to protect our safe haven. Gone are the times when we had to ask our neighbours to keep an eye on our house if we went on a holiday; now, we simply install an electronic security system from a trusted brand such as Eurovigil to ensure our peace of mind.

If you are yet to discover the benefits of investing in electronic security, read on to find out why you should order it right away:

Benefits of an Electronic Alarm System

1. Prevent Forced Entry
The video door phone ensures that you know exactly who has rung the doorbell. The access control system means that nobody apart from the residents whose fingerprints are registered with the system or have the passcode, can enter the house.

2. Maintain Record of Visitors
If you’re not at home, you can check who has visited by looking up the footage captured by the video door phone or CCTV cameras outside the house. In case of suspicious activity, you can even use this recording as a lead to identify and prevent and eminent threat.

3. Keep An Eye On Children
If every adult in the family is out at work most of the day but there is a young child who needs to be home, you can use the CCTV cameras installed in the house to keep an eye on your child. In the unfortunate event that your child has a fall or any other mishap, you will know immediately.

4. Immediate Medical Assistance
In the above situation, if your child is old enough to understand the electronic alarm system, he/she can easily hit the SOS button and alert the central monitoring system which in turn will immediately alert the medical help, and you.

5. Open The Door Remotely
For the bedridden resident, this is a boon. You can unlock the main house door using the access control panel from your own room or through an app on your smartphone.

6. Quick Response To Fires
CCTV cameras will let you know if there is a fire in the house while you are away, or the temperature sensitive access control panel will alert you and the fire brigade if the temperature around it suddenly goes beyond 60 degree Celsius.

7. Checking Up On Pets
Be it your playful dog who loves breaking vases or the curious cat who loves exploring the different corners of the house, you can keep a tab on every activity, courtesy of the CCTV cameras and their line crossing detection feature.

8. Prevent & Protect Property From Miscreants
Is someone painting graffiti on your garage door or is someone ruining the vegetable patches in your garden? Install CCTV cameras strategically, view the footage, and see who is to be blamed for the messy garden- a rebellious neighbourhood teenager or a bunch of stray dogs.

9. Convenient Access To Home
With the secure access control system, you no longer have to worry about carrying your house keys or forgetting them at work. Simply remember the code or if you have a biometric fingerprint scanner in your access control system, use your thumb to enter your house.

10. Prevent Burglaries
Let’s close the list with the most obvious benefit- preventing intruders and burglars. The total security system will ensure that even if there is an attempted intrusion, the alert sounds and the potential burglar is deterred from entering the house, thus protecting you and your valuables.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the most suitable security systems from Eurovigil for your home and invest in it immediately!

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