Purchasing a wireless CCTV camera for your home or business can be pretty intimidating, especially for first-timers, thanks to the vast array of options available today. Worry not, here in today’s post, we give you the low-down on choosing the best wireless security cameras for your home or office.

A security camera is no longer an option. It’s a mandatory requirement and is absolutely essential to protect your loved ones and precious assets from theft, vandalism and other accidents. While security systems have been around for ages, the systems used today have come a long way since the early ones.

Just a few years back, installing a security system meant days of reconfiguring the wiring, endless drilling and a complicated installation mechanism.

Enter the Era of Wireless Surveillance Cameras

Wireless cameras have a wide array of benefits. The most significant one is the ease of installation. You no longer have to deal with messy wires. Just mount the camera in the desired location, and you’re ready to go. Since it uses wireless signals to communicate with the DVR, there’s no need for extra wires running around your house.

Another significant advantage is the accessibility. Since its wireless, you can now install these devices in previously inaccessible areas. You can easily fit these in outdoor locations that have no power supply. This means you can enjoy comprehensive surveillance.

The third benefit of these devices is that since they aren’t restricted by the presence of wires, they can be repositioned easily without much of a hassle.

Finally, wireless CCTV cameras are highly cost-effective. Since they don’t require wires and the need to conceal them; you can keep the overall installation costs down.

Here are a few factors to consider while purchasing wireless cameras:

1. Camera Type and Range

There are several camera types like Bullet, Varifocal, PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom), Fish Eye and Cube. Each of these cameras is suited to specific applications. Make sure to identify your particular requirements and pick the right camera that matches it.

If you need help choosing the right wireless camera for you, just get in touch with the security experts here at Eurovigil, India’s leading home security solutions provider.

2. Features

Once you have decided on the right wireless camera, the next step is in determining the extra features you require.
This includes:

    • Remote Monitoring – If viewing footage on the go is essential, look for models that allow for smartphone access.
    • Night Vision and Motion Detectors – If you want the cameras to capture and record images/videos at night, then look for ones with IR capability.
    • Black & White/colour – While this doesn’t affect the overall security, it depends on your personal preferences.

Other features to look for include battery capacity, storage capacity, warranty, visual quality, and range.

3. Future Proof

Once you have decided on the features, look for a system that allows for future customisation. It’s a bonus if the security system you choose is flexible to enable adding new cameras, additional monitors and extend the storage based on your future requirements.

Above all, when choosing a wireless security system for your house or business, always go with trusted companies like Eurovigil. Because, when it comes to security, there’s no room for risks.

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