Usage of CCTV cameras has increased exponentially in the last few years. From retail outlets, malls to homes and apartments, people are using these to safeguard and protect their valuable assets and loved ones.

In fact, the video surveillance market is all set to reach a whopping 75.64 billion USD by 2022. Security solutions are now using state-of-the-art technologies like facial recognition, multi-direction motion detectors, deep learning analytics to provide an array of features and benefits to users.

Here in today’s article, you can find a list of the top 5 exciting and alternative uses of CCTV surveillance systems.

1. To Catch Criminals in Real Time and Identify them with Facial Recognition

In a recent case, the police of South Wales used face-recognition to help them identify a suspect when he was attending a Champions League Final football match at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, UK. The police department used a sophisticated algorithm to compare the faces of the spectators with a police database that consisted of more than 500,000 images of wanted suspects.

This ability to detect and identify suspects in real-time would turn out to be highly beneficial in preventing terrorist attacks.

2. To help in Navigation in Murky Waters

CCTV camera systems have been mounted on boats to help seafarers find their way in murky waters. These cameras have high-definition night vision that allows sea-captains check out for obstacles, fish, and other small vessels while on the deep sea.

3. Interact with your Pet, even when you aren’t at Home

A CCTV camera is a great way to watch your pet and keep them engaged even when you aren’t at home for long hours. The two-way audio and video help you observe and communicate with your furry pals. This way you can monitor your pet and instruct it to drink water or eat at scheduled times. Additionally, motion sensors can alert you if your pet is misbehaving or needs help.

4. Market and Sell More Products

Retail outlets and malls are using CCTV security systems to detect the product shopping patterns, preferences and other trends of consumers. For instance, a surveillance camera at a supermarket can help shop owners identify if a particular customer was greeted on arrival and also identify any difficulties they faced in locating a specific product.

Using footage, business owners can streamline customer service and product placement, thereby increasing overall revenue.

5. Watch Yourself

Almost everyone has personal improvement goals, whether fixing one’s posture, making changes to one’s diet or improving one’s fitness levels. But, very often, not many track their progress and stick to their goals. This is where a CCTV camera can help you. You can watch your own behavior around the house and find out if you’re where doing a good job or not.

From crime prevention to help you motivate yourself, the best CCTV systems allow you to do more and more. Have you tried any of these innovative new uses or have come up with new ones on your own?

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