From unlocking smartphones with fingerprints to capturing retina prints during immigration, biometrics plays an increasing role in our daily lives to simplify routines and to increase security. It’s no surprise that more and more companies are integrating biometric access control system for employee attendance tracking and providing employees with access to restricted areas in the office and workspace.

With the Eurovigil I Deter MB100 Biometric Access Control System you can put an end to outdated attendance tracking systems like punch cards and complicated spreadsheets. Check out the benefits of using a biometric access control system for employee attendance tracking.

Biometric Attendance For Employee Tracking

#1: No more “Buddy Punching”

This is one of the biggest woes of HR departments, especially in large businesses with hundreds of employees. It’s common for an “early-bird” employee to punch in for his friends. This makes it challenging for companies to identify employees who report late to work. This causes companies to lose large volumes of profits since they paid employees for hours when they weren’t actually at work.

With a biometric attendance system, you eliminate the practice of employees punching in for co-workers when they aren’t in the building. The system stores fingerprints of all your employees and each person has to place his/her finger in the scanner to be marked.

#2: Simplify & improve the efficiency of attendance tracking

With a fingerprint attendance tracker, you don’t need to appoint a couple of HR personnel to keep track of time and attendance of all your employees manually. This reduces staff overhead while providing you with an accurate picture of employee attendance and work times. It is a massive boon for the payroll department who can calculate salaries efficiently using the available data.

Additionally, the system also tracks employees who arrive late, leave early and do unauthorised overtime. It helps you give a clear picture of the performance of each employee.

#3: Add an extra layer of security

When you pair an access control system, with automated door locks, you can increase the security of your building. The access control system doesn’t let any unknown person into the building. It only lets in people whose fingerprints are stored in the system. This adds an extra layer of security to your office and business premises.

In retail spaces, you can set up an access control system to prevent customers and other unauthorised personnel from entering into restricted, employee-only areas.

#4: Enhance employee accountability

A biometric time clock creates audit trails that management can use to track the performance of employees. Management can easily find out employees who are perennial late-comers and also recognise and reward employees who report to work at the right time regularly. The system can also track frequent absenteeism, long breaks and tardiness. This helps to increase the responsibility and accountability of employees.

#5: Easy to install & highly convenient to use

Installing a biometric attendance device is quick and easy. There is no need for extensive rewiring, and it can be integrated easily with other security devices.

These devices are easy to use, and there is no need for training. All employees have to do is place their fingers on the scanner and once their fingerprints are stored in the system, they are good to go. Biometric time clocks are also highly convenient compared to badges and IDs which employees are likely to forget at home or misplace.

As you can see, biometric access control systems offer a wide array of benefits to the organisation. Explore Eurovigil’s range of biometric devices and check their features to pick the right device for your business.

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