A peephole as a security measure for the house is a thing of the past. With the door video camera making its way into every commercial establishment and house, it is important to know more about this reasonably priced security measure. How does it work? What does it consist of? How is it helpful? These are some of the facets of the electronic safety measure that you need to know.

Important Things About Video Door Camera

Listed below are the five most important aspects of the device that you must know before you invest in one:

  1. Components:
    The video doorbell consists of an outdoor piece with a camera attached and a microphone, and an indoor piece with a monitor which displays the scene at the entrance as captured by the camera on the outdoor piece. You don’t have to worry about not being able to see your visitor at night as the built-in camera has infrared lights around it which enables the camera to capture images even in low light conditions. The unit is physically robust which means that come hail or storm, the video door phone will help keep you safe for years to come.
  2. Image And Video capture:
    Depending on the type of video door phone you opt for, the unit will be capable of capturing images of the area near it and short videos. This feature can be helpful if you have any suspicious visitors and you need to review their visit later.
  3. Price And Packages:
    The video door phone price is nothing when compared to the priceless peace of mind that it brings. Make sure you check out the upgradation options when you pick the video door phone of your choice in case you wish to expand your house and install more door phones in the future. Consider the number of screens you get for what price, resolution of the built-in camera and size of the screen on the indoor unit. Most video door phones, especially from Eurovigil, are great value for money, so you may want to start looking at their products when you start looking for the one that best suits your needs.
  4. Additional Utility:
    Checking who is at the door is not the only thing that the door camera will help you with. Once you integrate it with other existing home security devices such as an access control system, you can check who’s at the door and remotely unlock the door to let them in. Apart from an indoor-outdoor unit, you can install the video door phones in different rooms of the same house to communicate with other residents or guests.
  5. Anti-Vandalism Features:
    Worried that some miscreant may try to unmount the outdoor unit forcibly? Thankfully, this fear will never be realised as the unit comes with an anti-vandal mechanism, which sounds an alert if anyone tries to unmount it.

Let this amazingly simple and easy-to-use piece of home security measure secure your house and make your life easier.

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