With increasing reports of crimes like chain snatching, eve-teasing, molestation and others happening on the streets, more and more people are in support of installing CCTV cameras in public spaces like street corners, libraries, bus terminals, railway stations and much more.

Let’s take a look at the top benefits of public CCTV cameras.

#1: Public surveillance Cameras improve Safety of the Public

Just like your home security improves with a security system, a CCTV camera in a public space enhances the safety of the area. Whether you’re out shopping, travelling, or clubbing, surveillance cameras help you stay safe. These cameras continuously keep an eye out for any crimes and record any crime that occurs. Additionally, these surveillance systems also act as a deterrent and prevent the crime from happening in the first place.

Also, if a suspicious person or an unattended bag is seen in an area, the law enforcement authorities can clear the space, before any damage occurs. Overall, surveillance systems in public areas improve safety and security while reinforcing the trust of citizens in the government.

#2: Surveillance Cameras in Public Areas reduce Crime Rates

This is because when an individual knows he/she is continuously monitored, they are less likely to indulge in a criminal act.

And, several studies stand as a testimony to this fact. For instance, the city of Surat has reduced crime rates by 27%*, thanks to the help of the “Safe City” project in association with tech-giant Microsoft. In this project, the local police department collaborated with Microsoft to set up surveillance centres all across town, backed by a remote command and control centre.

Also, in a recently published report by Hyderabad Police, CCTV camera installation and upgrades have reduced crime rates by 14%*.

These are just a few examples of how CCTV cameras reduce overall crime rates.

#3: Public Video Surveillance helps to track down criminals

If a crime that is committed in a public space is caught on camera, then chances of bringing the offender to justice are higher. With facial recognition technology advancing by leaps and bounds in recent years, law enforcement authorities can efficiently use these sophisticated systems to identify and track down criminals easily.

Whether the offender is a first-timer or a known criminal, pictures of him can be circulated using posters. This further improves the chances of the offender being recognised in public, helping the police track him down.

#4: CCTV cameras in Public Spaces help in gathering Clues and Evidence

Any footage from a CCTV surveillance camera can be produced in a court of law as evidence. In most criminal cases, law enforcement authorities are unable to put the offender behind bars due to lack of evidence. This is where CCTV cameras are a massive boon to the police. It provides them with actual video footage of the crime being committed. Additionally, night vision cameras with IR can capture the offence even if it occurs in a remote area with no to little light.

#5: Boost overall Convenience

Several upcoming smart cities in India use public CCTV cameras to monitor road conditions and real-time traffic remotely. This helps the authorities make better decisions to reduce congestion. Additionally, CCTV cameras near traffic lights help to prevent drivers from cutting signals and over-speeding, thereby reducing road accidents.

These are just a few of the benefits of public surveillance. As more and more cities are poised to become smart and technology-reliant, CCTV cameras will play a significant role in improving the lives of people in public areas.

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