For a large coverage area, a wide-angle camera is a very useful method for surveillance, used by many homeowners. A pan tilt zoom camera or ptz camera as it is more popularly called is a kind of IP security camera, which can rotate horizontally as well as vertically to zoom in and out on smaller details.

The robotic pan or tilt movement is possible due to the built-in motor that is controllable through software/apps. The zooming capability is powered by the varifocal lens, which adjusts the focal length for changing the field of viewing.

Wondering why the PTZ camera by the Eurovigil Security Systems will be optimal as your home surveillance solution?

Advantages Of PTZ Camera

Mentioned below are five reasons you cannot neglect:

  • Large Area Coverage:
    The rotational ability of the Eurovigil PTZ CCTV cameras allows it to horizontally and vertically cover large areas. The camera, if installed under front door eave, can pan up to 360 degrees and tilt up to 90 degrees, which together cover a wide area, including the front yard, the fence, roadside, driveway, and possibly some of the backyard, all in just one camera.
  • Zooming For Smaller Detail Perception:
    PTZ surveillance cameras can both zoom in and out for perceiving smaller details via web browsers, mobile apps or desktop software.

To give an example, HD videos recorded by a PTZ IP camera installed at a second floor that faces out to the road can spot the cars strolling, people walking, or even identify the number plate of parked vehicles. The optical zoom enables the users to zoom out and in for capturing details without loss of image quality.

  • Flexibility Of Placement:
    The flexibility of pan/tilt allows for placement setup without worrying about the need for further changes. Once the camera has been pointed toward the intended areas, for further monitoring, the user gets to have many options of viewing angle, without ever requiring the manual repositioning of the camera.

Users can use the ptz (pan-tilt-zoom) option of the surveillance camera to strategically cover the areas of interest, with the easy remote operation through the web interface, mobile apps and desktop software. This enables various placement options, such as second-floor eave, rooftop, walls, or the roof overhang.

  • High-Definition Video Resolution:
    High-resolution PTZ cameras are essential for procurement of sharp images or videos that have the necessary clarity for recognising people’s faces, identify either vehicles or trespassers and even catch criminals during the act.
  • Remote Control And Access:
    Users may variably use software, mobile apps or web browsers for remote control and navigation and pan, tilt and zoom easily with a few clicks. Some advanced features are also installed apart from the basic directional controls such as right, left, upwards or downwards, full information regarding which is available on the dedicated website of Eurovigil Security Systems on their ptz camera.

You need not worry about your home security when you have the omnipresent and omniscient ptz surveillance cameras at your service, 24×7 throughout the year. So, rest safely with the Eurovigil security ptz IP cameras, along which also ensures great service and customer support.

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