Technology is evolving fast, and there is no denying that some of the modern inventions have dramatically improved our lives. One such device is the video doorbell, which has made the traditional locks and bell obsolete. So, how does the smart video doorbell improve your security? Read on to know more.

The drawbacks of the traditional doorbells

Before we delve into the benefit of the video doorbells, let us look at some of the cos of the traditional doorbell and how they put the home security at risk.

  • You need to go near the door to open/close it physically
  • Locked doors give the thieves a clear signal that you are not home
  • The traditional locks are easy to break-in

Video Doorbell for Home

Benefits of the video door camera

  • Acts as a great visual deterrent

When you have a video doorbell system installed outside your home, it acts as an excellent deterrent of any potential break-in or burglary. When the miscreants notice that you have a doorbell camera, they would think twice before entering your premise, let alone attempt breaking-in. The thieves typically look for easy targets, so if you have this kind of safety equipment, they will surely pass your house.

  • Provide Valuable Evidence

In the worst-case scenario, should the burglars’ break-in, you can use the footage from the door video camera as valuable evidence. It would also help the police to identify the burglars and catch them quickly. Not to mention, the video footage could be used to help you get the payout when you file an insurance claim.

  • Helps in eliminating the guesswork

Have you ever had a situation where the package you were eagerly waiting for never arrived, but the delivery service claim that no one opened the door when they visited? Having a door camera would greatly help you settle the dispute if the person visited your home or not. Also, the video doorbell would come in handy in situations where the delivery guy leaves the package outside the door. If your door camera has remote monitoring capability, you can check the live feed on your smart device and confirm the arrival of the package.

  • Allows you to screen the visitors

How often does it happen that you are engaged in an important work at home; maybe you are cooking dinner in the kitchen, or you are watching your favourite TV show, and you get disturbed by someone ringing the doorbell. If you have a video doorbell, you can connect it to your smartphone to instantly receive alerts when there is movement outside or when someone rings the bell and screen the visitors. It also helps you save valuable time from tending to unwanted visitors or strangers while ensuring that you don’t miss visits from friends or family.

  • Lower the insurance bill

The home insurance companies generally offer attractive discounts to homeowners who have a smart home security system. So, installing a door camera not only helps in adding an extra layer of security but also helps in lower your home insurance premium – how cool is that? If you are comparing the video door phone price online, you can consider buying one from Eurovigil, which has the best-in-class security systems.

It is no doubt that doorbell camera is an excellent security device that you must have in your home and with the various benefits mentioned above, you can rest assured that your home and family remain safe at all times.

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