With regards to building and office security, access control is the process of regulating the access to people coming in and going out of the premises. While the deadbolt lock and brass keys were the go-to access control solution in the past, technological breakthroughs have helped develop a host of modern solutions for enhanced security. Today, there are advanced access control devices that has tightened the office security. Eurovigil, one of the most popular and reputed security solution providers, offers an extensive range of such systems to help buildings, offices, and commercial spaces effortlessly amp up the security.

Things Before Installing Door Access Control System

But while there are now access control systems for every need, there are a few essential things that a buyer should take into consideration before deciding. Five such crucial factors are-

  1. Purpose of the Access Control System

The most common use of access control systems is to ensure that only authorised people can enter the office premises. However, many offices look for more comprehensive solutions that can also bring in more operational efficiency. For instance, Eurovigil I Deter MB100 works as a door access solution as well as a biometric attendance system. So, try to focus on your purpose of buying one such solution as it will make the selection easier.

  1. Select the Doors You Want to Secure

Your office might have several doors and securing every entry point is not only impractical but will also make navigation time-consuming for the people. So, once you know the purpose of the access control device, the next step is to select the doors, which are essential to the security of the premises. Just walk through the office to identify the entry and exit points. In case of any difficulties, you can consult professionals that will enable you to select the right site for installing the access system.

  1. Compatibility with Existing Systems

Most of the fingerprint access control system can be connected to other security solutions such as alarm systems, and more. If there are such security solutions in your building, make sure that you check their compatibility with the access system you are interested in.

  1. Remote Management

If you are considering an attendance system for your office or even a basic access control solution, you should be able to manage and access its data remotely. This will enable you to easily monitor the attendance of the employees even when you are not present in the office. When looking for a system, prefer one that offers this feature.

  1. Don’t Ignore the Technical Aspects

Any security solution is effective only if it is implemented right. And thus, you should not ignore the technical specifications of the solution you want to install in the office. Some of the most important points you must focus on are:

  • Number of Fingerprint/Card Records the System Can Hold
  • Fingerprint/Card identification time
  • Quality of the sensor

Access control systems are only effective if they have higher fingerprints capacity than the number of employees who will be using the system. Moreover, the system should have a quality sensor that lasts long and takes minimal time to detect a fingerprint or card. For instance, Eurovigil I Deter BM100 can record 3000 fingerprints/cards and uses a scratch-proof, 600DPI, optical sensor that can detect the time in less than 0.8 seconds.

A door access control system is one of the most effective ways to enhance the security of your building or office. Moreover, with Eurovigil on your side, the whole process of selecting, installing, and using such systems would be simple, hassle-free, and highly rewarding.

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