PTZ cameras are one of the popular and commonly used CCTV cameras. PTZ security cameras allow you to pan, tilt and zoom the camera lens remotely or via the connected DVR and hence the name Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera. The camera lens can be moved up, down, left, right, and even zoomed-in and zoomed-out, thereby providing you with a flexible field of vision.

Despite the flexibility and versatility of PTZ security cameras, the effectiveness of the gadget depends on the right installation. Though it’s rare but you may experience some problems with your PTZ surveillance camera. In this guide, we have shared some troubleshooting guide to help you fix common problems with your PTZ cameras quickly.

Troubleshoot a Pan Tilt Zoom Camera

1. Check if you are using the Right Power Supply Cable:
Start by checking the power supply. PTZ cameras are available in several models. The Eurovigil I View HD500 PTZ requires a power supply of 12V DC. While installing your CCTV surveillance camera, you have to provide it with the right power supply. In the above case, you need to use 12V power cable and not a 24V power cable. Using the wrong power supply 24V in place of 12V can potentially damage the internal circuitry of your camera destroying it beyond repair.

2. Check if your Power Supply Cable is Damaged:
If the power supply cable is the right model, then the next step to check is whether there are any damages to the power supply cable. Sometimes, the cable may be damaged because of rodents, lizards and other insects. If you notice any signs of fraying, replace the power cable with a new one.

3. Reduce the Distance between the Camera and the Power Supply:
This may be because of the distance between the PTZ CCTV camera and the power supply. If the power supply is far around 50 feet or more, then it could lead to a drop-in voltage and amperage by the time it reaches the camera. This may lead your videos to flicker.

To avoid this, ensure that you position the power supply as close to the camera as possible. If that’s not possible, then you can use a 14AWG wire to run the power supply over the long distance. This wire has sufficient thickness to carry the power over long distances without any loss of voltage.

4. Check if the Camera is connected Properly to the DVR:
Your PTZ camera is connected to the recorder, and it captures live video feed. However, you find that the PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) controls are not working. If yes, try doing the following steps:

  • Check if the two wires are connected to the PTZ camera properly. The camera has two wire inputs. The other end of these wires should be connected to the capture card on your DVR.
  • Next, check if the camera software is enabled as a PTZ camera and the corresponding protocol is selected.
  • Double check the software and camera for all settings – baud rate, data bits, stop bits, parity, and point address. All this information should be entered as mentioned in your PTZ manual. Once you have restored all settings to the original values, apply the changes and check.

5. Check if the Camera and the DVR are connected to the internet:
Check if both your PTZ camera and the DVR are connected to the internet. Next, verify if the baud rate, ID (address) and protocol are set to the default values. All these values should match in both the PTZ and the DVR. If you notice any disparities, make the changes and save the settings.

PTZ Surveillance Cameras – A Great Addition to your CCTV Security Systems

The Eurovigil I View HD500 PTZ is an excellent option for your CCTV security system, as it gives you the control to manually alter the field view as and when needed. What more, the PTZ camera price is budget-friendly and fits all security requirements. Use the above guide to troubleshoot any problems with your PTZ camera, and if you still face any issues, seek help from Eurovigil service experts.

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