As a home-owner one of the first concerns is to alert people by ensuring complete security of the house. A theft or a burglary is not uncommon at any time of the day and can happen to anyone. That is why, it is imperative to take measures that will help protect your house in case a security breach ever happens.

Installing a CCTV camera is the first step to securing your house. The cameras let you monitor every entrance to your house along with any place you want to monitor. Especially with the pan tilt zoom cameras you can effectively keep an eye on anyone who is entering your house with or without your knowledge.

5 Types of CCTV Camera

Let us take a look at the types of camera you can install as a part of your CCTV system to guard your house effectively.

5 Types Of CCTV Cameras To Monitor Your House:

With new technology being introduced to the market every day, CCTV cameras have become more powerful and accessible. Given below are five types of CCTV cameras from Euro Vigil that can help to provide security to your home effectively:

CCTV-I View HD200 2MP:

Even though this CCTV camera does not provide a full view of the surrounding areas like the PTZ camera, it provides a high performance in capturing 10-30 metres of the area in front of it.

Some of the remarkable features of the HD200 2MP camera includes a 2 megapixel (1920×1080) resolution, capture motion video, progressive scans, intrusion and line cross detections etc.

CCTV-I View HD300 2MP (IR Bullet):

This particular type of CCTV from Euro Vigil comes with an analog HD output with a 1080p resolution. It has a 2 megapixel camera with guaranteed high performance.

Even though it is not as powerful as the PTZ CCTV camera, it still can provide a surveillance of up to 20 metres distance. It comes in switchable modes like AHD, TVI, CVI and CVBS. You can even switch between day and night modes with this CCTV camera to avail maximum clarity of the surroundings.

CCTV- I View HD400 2MP:

A great CCTV camera with both superior day and night vision, it can capture up to 40 metres distance in front of it.

The camera provides a high definition output with a resolution of 1080p. Alongside picture clarity, the camera comes with an on screen display menu, digital noise reduction and smart infrared technology.

Eurovigil I View HD 500 PTZ:

One of the Pan Tilt Zoom cameras from the PTZ range, this CCTV camera provides 23X zoom. It comes with a stunning resolution of 1280×720/ 1920×1080.

One of the most special features of this camera is its ability of scan 360 degrees of the surrounding with extreme clarity because of its 3D intelligent positioning. The camera can also scan up to a distance of 100 metres with ease.

Eurovigil I View IP 900:

This is a Fisheye network camera. It comes with a resolution of 2560×1440. It also has a 3D Digital Noise Reduction technology which helps reduce the analog noise that is produced during the transmission of signal.

It is perfect for ceiling, wall or table mounting with both day and night vision.

These are five of the most effective CCTV camera types from Euro Vigil that can help to secure your home perfectly!

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