Remotely operated devices have found profound application in various segments of life, be it technology solution for home or industries. Remote control hooters are the best alarming system without adding to the mass of wires that snake out to your rooms.

You need to secure your house from unwelcome intruders, without having to worry about the elaborate installation and subsequent wire damage associated with wired hooters. Scenarios like this require the intervention of wireless hooter.

If you are still evaluating whether the Z-Wave Siren from Eurovigil can constitute the best wireless security system for your home, then continue delving in more details provided below.

6 Benefits of Wireless Hooter

  • Effortless and swift installation

Installation of a wireless alarm system doesn’t require you to dissect your house and rip off its beauty. It doesn’t require costly electrical components, not to mention the harrowing experience of cleaning up all the damage afterwards. With a few simple tools, it can be assembled in a jiffy by following simple user manual.

  • Hidden power supply

Wireless alarms are designed to function primarily on battery power and do not require electricity to function. So, you can dupe those sly intruders who cut off alarm wires or power lines in a bid to leave you defenceless. Battery operated alarms are robust and prompt you to change cells at regular intervals to avoid a powerless alarm system.

  • Variable range

These offer communication over a wide area ranging over 100 feet. This allows you to remotely secure those neglected buildings like a garage or a storehouse that lie at some distance from your residence. This cannot be achieved by wired alarms due to the clumsiness with wires.

  • Invisible network

Apart from the screeching sound a wireless alarm lets out upon detecting intrusion, it is also prompt in sending alarm signal via cell phones. It doesn’t matter if your power lines or phone lines are damaged.

Connection over the wireless network allows it to send burglary alarms to contacts listed on the notification list. You can keep track of all actions due to real-time awareness. This elaborate security protocol can stress out even the smartest of all burglars.

  • Affordable yet flexible

You can save a lot on security hooter by getting a wireless one. The overall cost of installation and covering the aftermath of structural damage is high in case of wired hooters. These alarm systems are difficult to move from one place to another since the wiring process needs to be repeated every time you decide to change houses.

Wireless alarms are handy, affordable and require no major hard-wiring for installation. Their portability allows you to fix them where ever you wish to.

  • Gain smart control

Smart security alarms also allow integration of operation of different electric systems of your home using a connected smart device. Apart from video monitoring and receiving alarm notifications, this humble device can also allow you to remotely control lights, temperature controls and door lock system. Forgot to turn off lights while leaving for a vacation? Just tap and relax.

Looking for more offerings from a reliable wireless security alarm? Go through the features of Eurovigil wireless alarms to settle on the best one for your abode.

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