When home alarm systems were initially introduced, one of the biggest drawbacks was – wires. There were wires everywhere – wires running through the walls of your home, snaking out from keypads, around your windows and doors and more.

With the introduction of wireless burglar alarm systems, today’s home alarms are not just easy to install but also more efficient. Check out the top advantages of installing a wireless alarm system for your home:

Benefits of Wireless Intrusion Alarm System

#1: No more annoying wires

This is one of the most distinct advantages. Installing the latest range of wireless burglar alarm systems from Eurovigil is super easy and hassle-free. No more drilling holes in your walls to set up the system. The keypads and sirens don’t require any wires and can be set up anywhere in your home. This makes setting up the entire system not only convenient but super-quick.

#2: Improved security 24 x 7

Wireless burglar alarms don’t have any exposed wires that could be cut or damaged. Also, since these systems use battery-power, they are on 24 x 7, irrespective of whether your home has the main power supply or not.

#3: Flexibility and versatility

Wireless burglar alarms come with wireless sensors that you can quickly move or position wherever you want in your home. Also, you can add extra sensors to the system as and when required, without the need for extensive reconfiguration.

You can use these sensors to track all kinds of activities around your home and not just forced entry. Whether you are looking to monitor your exterior gates, or check whether no one opens the home safe without your knowledge or monitor movements around exterior windows – you can use these sensors for all purposes. This helps you keep track of all activities around the perimeter of your home.

#4: Easy to expand

A wireless intruder alarm system is highly scalable. You can extend the functionalities of the system as your family grows and your security requirements increase.

For instance, if you add a patio or veranda to your property, you can add extra sensors to the system to monitor these new spaces. Once your kids grow more mobile, you would require extra sensors around the outside gardens and compound walls, to ensure that they don’t leave the premises, unknowingly.

No matter your security requirements in the future, the wireless alarm system is capable of expanding according to your needs.

#5: 24 x 7 Monitoring support

Eurovigil is the first security company in India that offers 24 x 7 monitoring support. Known as the EMS (Eurovigil Monitoring Station), this is a back-end team that remotely monitors your home alarms 24 x 7. On detecting an intrusion or other threats to the place like a fire, the control panel on your wireless home alarm system sends a signal to the EMS immediately.

The team manning the EMS then alerts you, as well as the concerned security authorities, thereby preventing the break-in and averting the disaster quickly.

#6: Affordable and Cost-Effective

Wireless Intrusion Alarm Systems like the Eurovigil I Guard 400 are available at pocket-friendly prices. What more, when your purchase from a trusted security company like Eurovigil, you are not only assured of the highest quality devices but also comprehensive support from Eurovigil. Whether you require any assistance or need to troubleshoot issues with your system, later on, you are backed by Eurovigil’s guarantee.

With several models to choose from, Eurovigil caters to all security requirements. Don’t let any intrusion in your home go undetected. Choose Eurovigil’s wireless home alarm system and get the best protection for your home at pocket-friendly prices.

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