Affordable technology has given us priceless security. The comprehensive home security system is a brilliant example of how technology has helped us maintain the safety of our haven, our home. However, what if we told you that there are more ways, more resourceful ways, of using your multiple security devices?

Eurovigil home security devices are your best bet when it comes to utilising your security solutions in more ways than one. Read on to know how:

Immediate Medical Assistance:
In the unfortunate event that an old parent slips in the house or has sudden difficulty in breathing and are alone, the individual can press the SOS button on the intruder alarm system. An immediate message is sent to all the emergency services as well as the relatives whose numbers are stored in the system. Crucial time, which would otherwise go in picking up a phone, dialling the number for an ambulance, and informing the services of the address and nature of emergency is saved.

Creative Home Security System

Monitoring Your Pet(s):
When it comes to taking care of your furry friends, it can be worrisome to not know how they’re doing whilst there is no around to tend to them. You can strategically install CCTV cameras within the house and know immediately when your playful or inquisitive pet has entered a no pet zone part of the house, thanks to the home security sensors installed with the CCTV system.

Detect & Report Fires:
Most new buildings come with an in-built smoke and fire detection system but for those millions of buildings that don’t, a Eurovigil access control system or burglar alarm system can do the job as well. The access control detects if the temperature has crossed 60°C and immediately relays the information to the central monitoring team who consequently, alert the fire brigade and the allied teams. In case the resident identifies a fire or even smoke, they can alert the authorities using the burglar alarm system.

Unlock Doors Remotely:
Some home security systems in India include a feature wherein the resident can remotely open the door using the access control system. For the bedridden elderly members in the family, this is a boon as they may need to open the home door to let the house-help in or for any other visitors. This remote access allows them to unlock the main door without having to move from the bed.

Intra-House Calling:
In case you have a big house with multiple rooms, you can install several video door phones within the residence. Rather than shouting from one room to another or hunting for your phone, you can simply use the security system to call the person in the relevant room.

Automated Security for The Young & Old:
You can be rest assured that your young school-going child or old parent with dementia or any other chronic ailment is safe and secure in the house with very simple- to-use technology at their disposal in case of need.

Now, you have more than one reason to invest in your peace of mind with Eurovigil’s complete home security solution!

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