Fingerprint door locks can significantly improve the day-to-day lives of the staff (in commercial buildings) and residents (in residential buildings) while providing added security. Access control solutions are a great way to ensure that you don’t leave any part of your building’s security to chance.

Here, we’ve highlighted six ways to improve the biometric access system in your building.

Use a Dedicated Wi-fi Network:
The latest access control systems like the Eurovigil I Deter MB100 are IP-based, meaning they rely on a Wi-fi network just like your other devices – tablets, mobiles, laptops, printers, etc. While it’s technically possible to use the same Wi-fi network for the access control system as you use for other devices at your home, security experts recommend that you use a separate dedicated Wi-fi network, as a precaution to protect the system from malicious hackers and other cyber-attacks.

Tips On Access Control System in Building

Integrate It with the Rest of your Security System:
A few years ago, biometric access systems were limited in their functionality. They could do only one task – like tracking the attendance of employees. Today, access control has become sophisticated thanks to TCP-IP network connectivity. You can now integrate your biometric attendance trackers with fingerprint door locks and video surveillance CCTV systems, to boost the overall security of your building.

This way, the fingerprint access control system not only tracks the in/out times of employees but also provides (or restricts) access to various areas in the building, while helping you track in real-time the number of people inside the building and so on.

Test Your Access Control Systems Periodically:
Just like you conduct mock fire drills to test the efficiency and working of the smoke detectors in your building, you must test your door access control systems periodically. Try entering the building using a fingerprint or card that doesn’t have access.

Check what happens. Is the system alerting you by sounding an alarm signal? If yes, then your system is working perfectly. If no, then you must immediately call the manufacturer for repairs.

Upgrade the Software Regularly:
Regular software upgrades fix existing bugs and updates your system to the latest technology. Eurovigil, one of the leaders in the security system providers, offer periodic software updates for the biometric attendance systems like the I Deter MB100, and I Deter 300 4DC. So, make sure that you don’t skip any software updates and keep your system functioning efficiently for long.

Keep an Eye out for Tailgating:
In India, we have been trained from a young age to hold the door open for others. While this is a way to show courtesy to our fellow human beings, it can lead a potential security problem.

Make sure that you train your employees not to hold the door open for their friends and colleagues. Every single person entering the building must swipe their access cards before they enter or exit the premise. This way, only people who have access to the building will be able to gain entry.

Upgrade your IT to match the Functionality of your Access Control Security System:
A quick and seamless door access control system requires a robust backend IT infrastructure. Ensure that your backend servers can import data from all the components of your access control security system quickly, without any lag. Additionally, your servers must be able to export the data collected from the system to an easily accessible format.

Bonus Tip
If you come across any system issues, however trivial it may be, don’t try to resolve it on your own. By opening the hood and trying to mend it by yourself, you may damage the entire system. So, make sure to reach out to experts to resolve the issue.

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