Preventing and protecting your commercial property from miscreants or nefarious elements can be challenging as it is a place where it’s natural to see many new faces everyday and you may not have anyone trustworthy on the premises at all times. Thankfully, the impetus given to design and develop technology-driven commercial property security systems is high and as a result, we have a plethora of new security measures in the market that you can adopt. Here are a few trends in commercial building security that are ensuring the peace of mind of the business owners:

Commercial Building Security

  • Biometric Access System:
    With the biometric access system becoming a norm in a commercial premise, unauthorised personnel entering the building premises has not become a thing of the past.  In this, the owner registers the fingerprints of only the employees within the system and it is this unique fingerprint that will allow the visitor to gain authorised entry. No more worrying about broken locks, or forced entries.
  • Video Door Phones:
    A commercial establishment may receive a lot of parcels or deliveries through the day. Some by known couriers, some by unknown. To deter potential robbers from posing as courier delivery personnel and forcing their way into the office, installing a two-way video door phone is a wise choice. With such office building security systems, you can see who is at the door and verify their credentials before opening the door for them.
  • Closed Circuit Television Cameras:
    Keep an eye on what your employees are doing on the other floors or other rooms. In case you are suspicious of anyone skimming money from the office, you could use the footage from the CCTVs as evidence or even as a deterrent.
  • Intruder Alarm System:
    Combined with the CCTV cameras, the intruder alarm system can work brilliantly to beef-up security for commercial property to identify intruders and alert the concerned authorities. The sensors, which are part of the system detect when someone has entered a no-zone and immediately alerts the owners and security forces of the breach.
  • Reduced Security Personnel:
    Who needs 24×7 security personnel when you have a cost-efficient technological alternative which captures data more objectively?
  • Comprehensive Fire Alarm System:
    Earlier, a smoke detector would be separate from the central security system and would alert only the building authorities of a possible fire. However, with these advanced commercial property security measures, you not only get multiple sensors, which detect the smoke or fire but it also automatically alerts the fire brigade and other relevant authorities, as well as the owners and anyone else mentioned in its database.
  • Central Monitoring System:
    Be it a medical emergency at the commercial building or an attempted robbery, the people at the monitoring centre will immediately alert the police, hospital, fire brigade or any other concerned authorities. With such a centralised response system, you will not have to worry about the mishap being detected, reported or attended to.

Walk with the changing times and adopt these amazing security measures to ensure the safety of your commercial property.

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