Most buildings that have CCTV surveillance systems use dome CCTV cameras. You would have probably noticed the small, dome-shaped camera mounted on a corner in retail stores, hotels, banks, and apartment complexes. The dome, tinted in a dark colour, makes it difficult for intruders to find out the direction the camera is pointing at.

Dome cameras have plenty of features and offer great flexibility, making them an excellent choice for almost all CCTV surveillance systems, both residential and commercial. Here, we share with you seven reasons to choose a dome CCTV camera for your surveillance system.

  • Visitors Can Easily Spot The Camera:
    Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, you would want the visitors to be aware that the building is under surveillance. Due to the dark, tinted dome glass and the unique structure, a dome camera is easily noticeable to the naked eye.

Dome Security Camera

For instance, the I View HD200 2MP IR dome CCTV camera from Eurovigil has a white housing. However, the dome itself is a dark blackish grey shade, making it noticeable even to casual observers. When potential thieves or vandals notice that your building is under surveillance 24/7, it acts as a deterrent of mischievous activities.

  • Visitors Cannot Find The Direction Of The Camera:
    Most CCTV cameras swivel in a cycle, so if a smart criminal wants to outsmart the camera, their attempts would render futile. Due to the unique structure of the dome, it is impossible for to visitors to know, which direction the camera is facing. This makes it impossible for them to make use of blind-spots.
  • Wide Angle Coverage:
    The structure of dome cameras enables them to cover wider angles, thereby expanding the field of view. If you want wide coverage from a single camera, say you want to capture the entire entryway, these cameras are an excellent choice.
  • Vandal-Proof:
    If you have installed a security camera system at your home or commercial premises, you would surely want to keep it safe from damages. Eurovigil’s I View HD200 2MP IR dome CCTV camera has an impact protection up to IK 10 and has other smart functions like intrusion detection, line crossing detection making it tamper-proof.
  • Indoor And Outdoor Usage:
    One of the biggest benefits of a dome CCTV camera is that it can be used both indoors and outdoors. The hardened polycarbonate shell can withstand harsh outdoor conditions like wind, rain, and snow.
  • Night Vision:
    Safety at night is a big concern for many homeowners, however, installing a night vision enabled dome camera from Eurovigil will put an end to all your security woes. The E I View HD200 2MP IR dome CCTV camera from Eurovigil provides you high-quality night images and videos, even in poor and low light conditions.
  • Affordability and Durability:
    Dome CCTV cameras are pocket-friendly, and the installation is simple, making it an affordable choice for homeowners. Since the camera is extremely durable, it lasts for several years to come.
  • Dome CCTV Cameras – A Great Addition to Your Security Needs:
    Dome CCTV cameras offer a wide array of benefits, and the versatility of the camera make it an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor use, residential and commercial use. With that said, make sure you maintain and clean it regularly to keep it free from dirt, dust, and cobwebs, thereby prolonging the lifespan of the camera.

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