What are bullet cameras?

Bullet cameras are also known as lipstick cameras, because of their size and shape. These cameras are cylindrical which make them resemble a bullet cartridge. All IR bullet cameras from Eurovigil are weatherproof, meaning you can use them both for indoor and outdoor video surveillance. Here, at Eurovigil, we have an extensive range of bullet cameras with varying features – varifocal lens, WDR, HD, Smart IR, 3-axis adjustment, electronic shutter and more.

Bullet cameras are weatherproof and can withstand rain, moisture, dust, heat, wind and other climatic conditions. Here, in today’s post, let’s take a look at the distinct advantages of bullet cameras:

Advantages of IR bullet HD CCTV

#1: Versatility
Bullet cameras are highly functional and versatile. They come equipped with a wide range of features like optical zoom, IR night vision, HD, varying IR range, progressive scan, motion video, PoE (Power over Ethernet), intrusion detection sensors, Built-in microSD card slots and more.

With a wide variety of features, you can easily find the right bullet camera that meets your specific requirements.

#2: Flexibility
One of the biggest benefits of this camera is that it can be positioned in most locations without any restrictions. Some of the common mounting locations for bullet cameras are – walls, the overhang of roofs, under eaves, and above doors and windows.

Due to this, bullet cameras are ideal for keeping an eye on bottleneck areas in your property like hallways, entryways, doors, stairways and more.

#3: Manoeuvrability
The unique design of a bullet camera is that it’s easy to calculate and adjust the pointing angle easily, without the need for remodelling after installation. For instance, if you find that the viewing angle is wrong after installation, you can quickly adjust the bullet camera direction without the need for re-drilling or re-wiring.

#4: Water proof
If you are looking for robust and durable outdoor surveillance cameras, then a bullet camera like the I View HD 300 from Eurovigil is the perfect choice for you. With an IP rating of 66, it can easily withstand the impacts of extreme weather conditions like rain, dust, heat and even snow.

#5: Acts as a deterrent
Bullet cameras are slightly less discreet compared to other popular CCTV camera models like the dome camera. This could work to your benefit, especially when you are mounting the camera outdoors. Since bullet cameras are easily visible, they act as deterrents and prevent potential break-ins.

Several studies reveal that burglars are reluctant to break into a property that has a visible surveillance camera. Using a noticeable bullet camera HD in your home helps to keep your house off the list of thieves.

#6: Night vision
IR bullet cameras can easily capture high-quality images even in low-light conditions. Most models come with automatic IR turn-on feature that switches to the IR mode when lighting is low and back to the normal mode when lighting is adequate.

#7: Long range
When it comes to the camera range, there are several factors at play. This includes the type of lens, lens resolution, sensor chip, backlight compensation, wide range dynamic and more. The cylindrical shape of bullet cameras makes it capable of capturing long-distances. If you are looking to cover a long range, then bullet cameras may work better for you.

Compare and pick the right Bullet CCTV Camera that works for You
As you can see, bullet cameras are a great addition to your CCTV security system. Explore our range of bullet cameras and pick the right model that matches your specific security requirements.

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