Digital Video Recorders are the heart of your residential or commercial surveillance system. With so many options available on the market, it’s indeed confusing for first-time buyers as well as those looking to upgrade their existing CCTV systems.

Eurovigil offers three different DVRs: I Discover HD 5CH V2.0, I Discover HD 10CH V2.0, and I Discover HD 18CH V2.0. Power-packed with user-friendly features, the I Discover series is an excellent choice to record, control and monitor your CCTV surveillance system.

Choosing the Best DVR Recorder System

Here, in today’s article, we share with you a checklist that will help you pick the right model perfect for your security requirements when you go DVR shopping.

  1. Check the Recording and Playback Resolution Specifications
    Contrary to popular assumption, the recording and playback resolutions are not always the same. Generally, the live video resolution is higher, and recording resolution is low to free up storage space. You need high-definition recording resolution if you want to review minute details like facial features of an intruder, license plate numbers of an escaping car or bike and so on. A recording resolution of 720p and above is sufficient for reviewing details later on.
  2. Check the Available Internal Storage Capacity
    The storage capacity is an essential factor to consider while choosing a DVR CCTV system. Look for systems with adequate storage space around 5TB or more. This is because, videos occupy plenty of space and you may have to review videos dating back to a few weeks or even months, in case of an emergency. So, systems with adequate storage space will help you keep all video recorded on the device, without requiring frequent back-ups.
  3. Check the Number of Synchronous Channel Displays
    How do you want to view the security footage? Do you have multiple cameras securing your property? Do you want to view 4, 8 or 16 channels on one screen? The number of channels you require depends on the size of the area you want to secure and the number of cameras you have included in your CCTV system. While choosing a DVR recorder, look for systems that offer more synchronous channel playback facility than you require. This way, you can include additional CCTV cameras in the system in the future, without replacing your existing hardware.
  4. Check if it allows Remote Views
    Earlier CCTV surveillance systems displayed live video recordings on TV screens or computer monitors connected with the DVR camera. However, with the advance of technology, today it’s possible to relay the live videos directly to remote screens like your Smartphone or tablet. While purchasing a video recorder for your CCTV system, make sure to check if it offers this facility, as you can view what’s happening at your property, while on the move.
  5. Review the Additional Features
    Apart from the essential features listed above, DVRs come with several added convenience features. Though these features are not an absolute must, having them can be handy. Some of the incredibly useful extra features include – reverse playback of recorded videos, smart playback to skip repeating or static information, customisation of video tags, searching and playing by predefined tags and more.

Choose the Best DVR to get the Most from Your CCTV System
Finding the best DVR that meets all your specific requirements is a must to get the most out of your CCTV systems. Use this checklist the next time you are looking to upgrade or buy new video recorders for your surveillance system.

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