PTZ is the acronym for Pan Tilt and Zoom. PTZ security cameras, also known as speed dome cameras, let you control the direction of the camera lens remotely. You can pan, tilt and zoom in/out the camera lens depending on what you want to capture.

For instance, you want to zoom in far-away objects like a car plate number that is around 30 feet away. You can zoom in to capture the numbers accurately. On the other hand, if you want to extend the field of view, you can do so with a 360◦ pan.

PTZ Security Camera: Working

The Pan Tilt Zoom camera has mechanical parts to support the movement of the camera and the lens. Some PTZ cameras like the Eurovigil I View HD 500 PTZ come with preset modes, which move the camera lens progressively, covering the entire field of view, according to a set schedule. Additionally, you can manually control the camera to capture areas where you notice suspicious activities.

PTZ Camera - Installation, Features, and Types

Operating Modes of the Eurovigil I View HD 500 PTZ Camera


  • The Eurovigil I View HD 500 PTZ supports 360-degree pan which means you can move the camera in a complete circle to avoid any blind spots around it.
  • You need not turn a complete circle. Instead, you can swivel the camera lens left and right, to capture a wide area of coverage.


  • The I View HD 500 PTZ supports tilt angles from -15◦ to 90◦. This way, you get more flexibility over your camera’s field of view.
  • It has an auto-flip option to change the field of view quickly.


Generally speaking, surveillance cameras have two types of zoom – optical zoom and digital zoom. Optical zoom means the camera lens moves physically. On the other hand, digital zoom allows you to zoom in once the video has been recorded. This way, you can focus on specific areas of the recorded videos say the face of an intruder or a number plate of a suspiciously parked vehicle and so on. The I View HD 500 PTZ supports 16X digital zoom and captures videos of resolution 1280 x 720.

Where to Install? Indoor or Outdoor?

A PTZ CCTV camera can be installed both indoors and outdoors. However, the PTZ function of the camera makes it more suited for outdoor usage as you can get full coverage of the perimeter including – compound door, driveway, porch, front door and so on. By positioning the camera at high positions like an upper floor patio or balcony, you can zoom in to capture details, as and when required.

Is the PTZ Camera a Worthwhile Investment?

The PTZ camera is indeed worth the investment. It’s durable, provides you with more control of your surveillance videos and doesn’t miss any detail. Generally, a single PTZ camera is sufficient to cover a wide area, making them certainly worth the initial PTZ camera price.

Upgrade your Home Security Using PTZ Cameras

Now, that you are aware of the benefits, features, operation, and installation of the PTZ camera, check out the features of the I View HD 500 PTZ from Eurovigil. To know more about the features and whether it’s the right fit for your home security requirements, you can always reach out to Eurovigil’s security experts.

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