The recent advancements in the mobile computing and other technologies involving remote access to resources and have promoted an inevitable urgent need for Access Control Systems, which takes into account the course of action as well as the time of action, giving an added layer of security and protection. Keeping in mind that the Access Control system must fit into the spatial and temporal constraints, researchers are developing different types like card access systems and biometrics enabled systems.

Eurovigil Access Control System

What Is An Access Control System or ACS?

In the fields of physical security and information security, Access Control system or ACS is the selective restriction of access to a place or other resource. Electronic door locks and login credentials are the two analogous mechanisms of Access Control system. In simple terms, this is how an Access Control system works. When a credential is presented to the reader, the reader sends the credential’s information usually a number to the control panel of the door access control system. It checks the credential’s number on the access control list and grants or denies the entry. The transaction log is sent to a database. If the access gets denied, the digital door lock remains shut, while in the case of access grant, one can easily open the door.

Today, Eurovigil from Eureka Forbes is the leading service providers of home security like the Video Door Phones, Intrusion Alarm Systems, Home Automation Systems, CCTV Surveillance, Access Control Systems and CMS (Central Monitoring Station) and other popular types of access control systems.

Eurovigil Offers Access Control System In Great Multiple Variations.

Eurovigil I Deter 100 Biometric Access Control system: The most basic type of Access Control system offered by Eurovigil supports 100000 transactions and comes with a built-in RFID card reader. It can read up to 1000 user fingerprints. One can use it across 50 time zones, and its USB port facilitates authorised personnel to perform data backup operation.

  • Eurovigil I Deter 200 (Advanced Biometric Access control System): It can read almost 10,000 fingerprints, and its identification speed of less than 2 sec is an added bonus. Other than supporting 50 time zones, it comes with an optional GPRS, Wi-Fi and Antipass back function.
  • Eurovigil I Deter 300 (Eurovigil Access Control System): It allows the user to control the door from the personal desktop. It can easily manage the time and attendance, and its integration with fire alarm system is an icing on the cake.
  • Eurovigil Digital Door Lock (Yale YDR 4110): This Access Control System offered by Eurovigil supports both pin-code and fingerprint access. It comes with an invisible keypad which gets visible only when one touches the screen with a pen. One can control Yale series ACS remotely as it operates on Wireless floating ID technology that works up to 50 m.

While an Access Control system is essential for any business enterprise or shops and offices, choosing the right one can be the trickiest part. However, Eurovigil offers you a wide range of Access Control Systems reducing your expenditure and letting you stay relaxed at all times.

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