Your commercial unit happens to be your dream venture, and it is close to your heart. As a caring entrepreneur, it’s amongst your prime responsibilities to ensure complete safety for the workforce. That’s not all; personal safety is also imperative, and there’s nothing more crucial than that. Amongst various other workplace accidents, fire breakouts deserve to be mentioned. Irrespective of the size of your unit, a fire can damage property, life, and resources.

Basic Fire Alert Practices

What to do?

You have to be alert before it’s too late. If you are dealing with combustible substances, fuel, or gaseous products, it’s highly imperative to take additional care. All of us are aware of the age-old axiom that says, ‘prevention is better than cure.’ Quite naturally, you should be prepared, make arrangements, and follow adequate fire safety practices before it gets too late. Here’s a comprehensive list to follow!

1. Basic Pointers For Fire Emergency

Fire emergencies and accidents don’t come with prior notifications. They happen all of a sudden and out-of-the-blue! You have to be alert at all times and develop concrete fire emergency programs. Make sure you have the basic, crucial aspect and pointers in place like for instance:

  • Hazard identification: Prevention can take place right from scratch. Ensure perfect storage for combustible substances, electrical components, and heat-generating appliances. That will be the first step towards proper fire safety.
  • Preventive analysis: Look for overloading outlets, improper connections, and torn extension cords. These components are highly potential sources of fire breakouts.
  • Response and Action: Train your workforce and teach them not to panic. Some of the basic fire safety activities include organised evacuation, reaching out to fire extinguishers, setting fire alarms.

These fundamental tips will prepare the ground for planned approaches. You can do a lot more by following these suggestions:

2. Proper Storage

Some of the manufacturing units deal with gaseous substances and fuel. If you work with such materials, make sure there are proper storage arrangements for them. Spillage and mixing of chemicals can lead to hazardous incidents. Chemical reactions also result in fire breakouts which can risk your life as well as that of your employees.

3. Perfect De-Cluttering

Your commercial unit surely collects dust and grime every day. Especially, if you are working with combustible substances, the risk is even greater. Declutter and clean your workplace on a regular basis. Look for combustible wastes, collect them, and dispose them off in the right manner!

4. Housekeeping Standards

The office or workplace is the ‘second home’ for entrepreneurs. Quite naturally, they would like to keep it tidy and clean. The presence of waste materials and combustible substances can act as catalysts. Clean them at regular intervals and make sure they are away from fuel and ignition sources.

5. High-Performance Fire Alarms

When it comes to following fire safety tips or installing fire detection alarms, you should associate with the best companies in the market. One such leading manufacturer like Eurovigil comes up with 2-zone and 4-zone control panels. These systems can detect the slightest occurrence of fire in your commercial unit and send immediate signals.

To keep the premises safe, you can explore the below range of Eurovigil’s fire alarm systems:

  • Eurovigil 2 Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Panel
    The 2 zone control panel can be connected to up to 25 detectors. It also has a fire/ fault indicator and tactile keypad. It also comes with low battery visual and audible warning.
  • Eurovigil 4 Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Panel
    The 4 zone control panel can be connected to up to 25 detectors. It also has a fire/ fault indicator and tactile keypad. It also comes with low battery visual and audible warning.

Be Safe

Take preventive steps and deal with the situation before things get out of hand. The occurrence of fire and safety measures are intertwined concepts. While the first one can finish everything, the latter keeps you safe and sound!

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