Eurovigil security systems, one of the leading security system providers in India, is a part of the reputed Eureka Forbes brand. Eurovigil offers state-of-the-art security solutions for individual homes, bungalows, row houses, apartments, communities, offices, retail outlets, banks, jewellery stores, factories, warehouses and many more.

With Eurovigil, you are not only assured the best protection against break-ins, thefts, and vandalism but you can also get timely alerts in the case of fire, gas leaks, electricity shorts, and other emergencies. All components of security solutions from Eurovigil are made using the latest technology and carry world-renowned certifications like UL, FCC, CE, and ROHS.

Here, in today’s post, let’s introduce you to the best-selling home security devices from Eurovigil.

CCTV Systems – Analog and Digital

With a CCTV system, you can now keep an eye on your house wherever you are. CCTV cameras positioned around your property monitor what’s going on 24 x 7. This not only protects your house from theft and vandalism but also helps you keep an eye on your loved ones, even while you aren’t at home. You can choose from analog or digital surveillance systems based on your requirements. Additionally, Eurovigil provides wired and wireless surveillance.

Video Door Phones for Homes

With a video door phone, you can identify who’s on the other side of the door, without opening it. Additionally, this system comes with several features like remote door unlocking, night vision, additional monitors anywhere in your house and much more.

Conventional Fire Alarms

You can choose between 2-Zone or 4-Zone fire alarms based on your requirements. This detector triggers an alarm when it identifies any smoke or heat in the building. Once the alarm sounds, you can begin the evacuation procedure. Additionally, the alarm alerts the personnel at Eurovigil’s Central Monitoring Station, who in turn alert local authorities like the fire department and police.

Access Control Systems

Now, you can lock and unlock your front door digitally by adding an access control system to your list of home security products. You can choose fingerprint or optical sensor card-based access control systems. This is highly helpful when you have seniors or young children in your household. With an access control system, only authorized family members can enter your house.

Intruder Alarms System

With an intruder alarm, you can now take vacations without being worried about burglaries and break-ins. This system alerts the Eurovigil Monitoring Station, as soon as it detects any unauthorized entry or motion on your property. The control panel raises a loud alarm alerting neighbours of the attack, while the EMS dispatches the local police and other authorities to your property as soon as the attack occurs.

Eurovigil 4D Home Security Solutions

Provide your home with 360° protection. This product involves the four main components:

  • Display – A Video Door Phone that lets you know who’s at the door, without opening it.
  • Deter – Let only authorized family members and friends enter your home with an access control system.
  • Detect – With an intruder alarm system, get instant alerts and notify the local police, when someone attempts a break-in.
  • Discover – Monitor what’s going inside and outside your house with surveillance cameras.

Risk Assessment for Homes

This is a handy online tool from Eurovigil that helps you analyse the risk levels of your property and provides the right security suggestions to improve your security levels.

With a comprehensive array of products and exceptional customer service and support, it’s no wonder that Eurovigil has won the hearts of millions of customers to rank as the most trusted home security systems provider in India. If you aren’t sure about the right home security product for you, just get in touch with Eurovigil’s experts who help you the best.

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