When it comes to safeguarding your house, there is no effort that you won’t take. That’s why, when it comes to choosing the best home security system, we know that you will want to know the best way to go about it.

Listed below are five criteria against which you need to compare the various security systems to narrow down to the best one:

  • Central Monitoring System:
    Who responds to the emergency when the alert on the home security devices sounds? Is it just a one-person that responds to the alert or is it a full-fledged team of security experts who know which emergency service to alert for immediate assistance? The best security systems have an extensive central monitoring system in place, which means that as soon as an alarm is sounded, the person on the monitoring team will mobilise the emergency responders.

Best Home Security System

  • Type of Installation:
    You can opt for either a do-it-yourself security installation or one by a professional. It is recommended that you opt for a professional as they will be the best judge of where to install the home security sensors in order to optimise the security coverage. Additionally, they have the technical know-how of, which wires go where, and how to prevent device tampering.
  • Advanced Use of Technology:
    Do you wish to remotely lock and unlock your door, ensure that your young child or older parent is safe in the house, monitor who has been in and out of the house? Depending on the level of automation you want, the kind of security system you want will differ. There are multiple security systems, which offer a comprehensive security package including a video door phone, an access control system, intruder alarm system, and CCTV cameras. This package allows for the most amount of automation.
  • Product and Brand Reputation:
    A great product is one thing, and a great service another. You may have the best quality security device but what if it takes the company a month to fix it or upgrade it when you need it? A security system is one of your most important investments, that’s why you should check customer reviews, product reviews of the company as well as the products before you finalise on the one you wish to buy. Brands like Eurovigil are known for their premier quality home security systems in India so you may wish to consider their offerings.
  • Price and Packages:
    Do you want to pay a one-time charge or do you want a rental? Are you looking for a basic package or a state-of-the-art security system that you will have to upgrade only once in five years or so? Take a look at all the packages that the company has to provide before you choose one. Also keep in mind the various hidden charges such as installation fee, activation fee, relocation fee, and cancellation fee.

Now that you know what you need to look out for when selecting a security system for your home, our next suggestion would be to create a spreadsheet and track the virtues of each brand and product.

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