Unlike in developed countries like the USA, UK, and Australia – where nearly all homes use burglar alarms, these security systems are still rare to see in India. One reason for this is that – there are plenty of myths about these systems.

From people believing these systems to be expensive to not being suitable for Indian homes – quite a few misconceptions are floating around. Here, in today’s post, we hope to clear the air and bust the common myths associated with burglar alarms.

Myths of Intrusion Alarm Systems

What are burglar alarm systems?

A burglar alarm system is a type of home and commercial building security system. The system detects unauthorised entry into your premises and sends an alarm alerting neighbours as well as the central monitoring station. The central monitoring station then contacts concerned security authorities like the neighbourhood police station, thereby preventing the break-in attempt.

And not just break-ins, these systems can also detect gas and fire leaks and other accidents in and around your home and contact emergency personnel immediately.

Common burglar alarm myths – busted

We can see that you have plenty of questions spinning around in your head – Are they right for me? Do they work for Indian homes? Who will be alerted in case of a break-in? Who does the alerting? And plenty more.

Let’s put some of the common burglar alarm myths to rest.

Myth #1: Burglar alarms are not suitable for Indian Homes

Yes, Indian homes have different security requirements compared to houses in other developed countries. This is why, Eurovigil, India’s most trusted security brand has come up with unique solutions catering specifically to the needs of Indian consumers. All our home security systems have been tested for Indian conditions and operational requirements.

Myth #2: Burglar alarms are too expensive

Thanks to advancements in wireless technology today burglar alarm systems for homes and commercial establishments are quite affordable. Eurovigil offers a wide range of models suiting to all budgets and security requirements.

Myth #3: Burglar Alarm systems are difficult to install

This cannot be farther from the truth. The Eurovigil I Guard 400 is a wireless intrusion alarm system that is completely wireless. This means it doesn’t require any changes to your existing wiring. You can quickly set up the system and make it operational without any drilling.

Myth #4: They are hard to use

Operating the burglar alarm system just requires you to memorize a few numbers and you are ready to go. No extensive technical knowledge is required and the system is highly intuitive. With enlarged keypad buttons, easy-to-use settings and features, Eurovigil’s burglar alarm systems can be quickly handled by people of all ages – from children to seniors.

Myth #5: False alarms will lead to “Crying Wolf” situations

Eurovigil I Guard series comes with sophisticated false alarm reduction features, which ensure that the system doesn’t raise the alarm falsely. Additionally, even if the system raises a false alarm, you can quickly turn it off by entering a passcode.

With proper maintenance of your wireless intrusion alarm system and being connected to the Eurovigil monitoring station, you can easily prevent false alarms.

Myth #6: I don’t require Burglar Alarm Systems as my property is protected with insurance

While it’s true that you can reclaim the cost of stolen valuables and damaged property with insurance, it isn’t a preventive procedure. A break-in however small not only causes you significant economic losses but also emotional scarring.

Think of the trauma your family members would face on finding that the property has been broken-in. Worst, the physical damage to family members in the case of accidents like a fire or gas leak is irrevocable. You can avoid all this by setting up an intruder alarm system and protect your loved ones 24 x 7.

The benefits of a burglar alarm system are plenty – you not only keep your loved ones and valuables protected 24 x 7 but also prevent the incident from happening in the first place. Check out our range of intruder alarm systems and pick the right one that offers you the best features, suiting your specific requirements.

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