A fire alarm is an essential arsenal in modern buildings security systems. The device emits a signal in the form of siren or buzzer, as an alert to the people about a fire in their building. As fire is the most dangerous threat to the structure of the building, it is important to prevent it at all costs. A fire alarm system can be an invaluable asset in a scenario where the building catches fire.

Eurovigil Fire Alarm System

Here are various benefits of a basic fire alarm system that help keep your building safe from fire attacks:

Protection from Arson and Riots

Riots can impact you and your loved ones anytime. There is a damage of property during violent processions and riots. Just a single matchstick can burn the entire building down. The best way to avoid such perilous situations is to use a fire alarm system. With a whiff of fire or smoke, it can alert the residents and save hundreds of lives. The recent fire tragedy in London that killed nearly 79 individuals is an example why a good fire alarm system is a must-have for every construction.

Early Warning System

Fire alarm systems are equipped with early warning systems. So even with a minor amount of smoke, it triggers an alarm. It ensures faster response to distress and more time for evacuation and rescue. Today’s hi-tech systems also shut off false detection with smart integration through mobile apps allowing you to monitor the fire situation remotely and respond accordingly.

Faster Evacuation and Rescue

• It increases evacuation time for building occupants well before the fire spreads out of control
• Emergency medical help can be immediately sent out to those in need
• Fire department personnel can reach ahead of time and help people to exit the building safely

Remote Monitoring

A fire alarm system can deliver great results in a single home, a bungalow or an apartment of flats. The system either connects with a monitoring station or has a direct connection with a fire brigade. This makes response swifter and drives better quality of fire rescue operations. Also, if the systems of all nearby buildings are combined in a hub, one alarm can trigger off alerts to nearby buildings preventing large- scale damage by the rapid spread of fire.

Easy To Place and Install

Modern fire alarms provide you with the flexibility to place them in your area of choice. As it is advisable not to put these systems near the bathroom, most people prefer placing it near the shared hallways or a bedroom that is closed off from other areas.

Total Value for Money

Many housing societies cite lack of funds as a reason for not going for a fire alarm system. But when tragedy strikes, no cost can be placed on human lives especially if they are family members. Considering the immense value they provide in protecting your family and your assets, a fire alarm system is a must- buy for all apartments, homes, and work places.

To keep the premises safe, you can explore the below range of Eurovigil’s fire alarm systems:

Eurovigil 2 Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Panel

One can connect the 2 Zone Fire control panel with at most 25 detectors per zone. It also has a fire/ fault status indicator and tactile keypad to make operating it easier. It also comes with low battery visual and audible warning.

Eurovigil 4 Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Panel

Similar to 2 Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Panel it can also connect with up to 25 detectors. It operates on 220V; 50Hz AC supply and is compatible with all type of conventional detectors.

Latest fire alarm safety systems automatically call the emergency services and key contacts to minimise the time it takes for the fire brigade to attend to the site.

Among other things, fire alarm systems also lower down the false alarms raised by older models preventing unwanted panic attack among the residents and those in the vicinity. What’s more, a great system like one offered by Eurovigil can also isolate a problematic device in a cluster and help the maintenance person to fix it up in a jiffy. So if your building doesn’t have a fire alarm safety system, it’s time to buy one.

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