Fire accidents are one of the most disastrous calamities; one can ever face. Once an apartment or an office building has a fire outbreak, it can go out of control in just a matter of minutes. Not only does this damage the property but also the assets in the premises and can even cause loss of life! This makes it mandatory to get a fire alarm installed in your office and home.

Primary needs of fire alarms in an office building:

Factories, offices and commercial premises may have many relevant documents and data which are hard to retrieve once destroyed. Also, there are high chances that combustible material stored in factories and offices might catch fire. Fires can be caused by a cigarette not properly put out, a short circuit, electrical issues or a riot! To protect the premises and people from the damage caused by fire, a fire alarm system on the property is advisable.

Eurovigil Office Fire Safety

Key advantages of installing fire alarm systems

Some of the benefits of installing a fire alarm system in one’s office are as follows:

  • Not-So-expensive Factor
    Such a system is a cost-effective fix for office fire alarm safety. This system covers a vast space and alerts people about any fire event before it worsens. Furthermore, the massive losses like losing a worker’s life or destruction of valuable assets of the office can be saved. Investing a little money in proper fire alarm system like one offered by Eurovigil is a lot cheaper than spending money on the bigger losses.
  • The Sense of Security
    Working in a fire safe place makes the workers feel secure. Workers have an awareness of the fire alarm system, which makes them alert during any fire event. Some offices provide proper fire drills for their employees. When they get alerted by the alarm, they can just rush out of the office in a pre-defined way of evacuation. The feeling of safety helps in increasing the productivity which ultimately benefits the business.
  • Insurance Premium Gets Decreased
    An add-on bonus of getting a fire alarm system installed in one’s office is the reduction in insurance premium. A large number of professional companies and businesses get their working space insured to decrease the damage repair cost in the case of damages. And if a proper fire alarm safety system is installed in the corporate office, then the premium is reduced by almost 10-15 %. Also, installing a sprinkler accompanied by the fire alarm system is advised for immediate action.
  • Fire Alarm System with Modern Technology
    Nowadays, a lot of different kind of fire alarm safety systems is available on the market. Therefore, the users can choose the suitable fire alarm system according to their need.
  • Wireless Fire Alert benefits for offices
    As the name suggests, this fire alarm system is portable and its installation is quite easy. These wireless alarm systems are designed to eliminate false alerts, prevent unnecessary noise annoyance and give precise results only when there is an actual need.

From Where to buy fire alarm safety systems?

With the threat of a fire breaking out and it’s far reaching damage, it is best to utilize the expertise of an experienced fire alarm system provider like Eurovigil for your workplace. They offer the below range of fire alarm systems

  • Eurovigil 2 Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Panel
    The 2 zone control panel can be connected to up to 25 detectors. It also has a fire/ fault indicator and tactile keypad. It also comes with low battery visual and audible warning.
  • Eurovigil 4 Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Panel
    The 4 zone control panel can be connected to up to 25 detectors. It also has a fire/ fault indicator and tactile keypad. It also comes with low battery visual and audible warning.

Considering the benefits of Eurovigil products mentioned above one should consider installing a suitable fire alarm system in his/her office because it is better to be safe than sorry. Check out a reliable supplier of fire alarm safety systems specifically for commercial premises and enjoy total peace of mind.

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