We recently received an email from a customer, “Hello, I am looking to upgrade my CCTV system. While I have figured out the cameras to use, I am having a hard time finding the right CCTV DVR. With so many technical specifications, I am a bit unsure how to find the right one that suits my needs. Can Eurovigil help?”

In reply to our client’s request, here in today’s post, we tell you all about the factors to look for while upgrading your CCTV DVR.

Why the right DVR matters for your CCTV Security System?

DVR or the Digital Video Recorder is the heart of your CCTV security system. It controls and records all that your CCTV cameras do. So, choosing the right one is critical.

Choosing a Digital Video Recorder for CCTV System

Here, we list out the factors that you should look for while upgrading your CCTV system or while purchasing a new DVR.

  • Number of Video Channels
    This is the number of cameras that the DVR will be able to record and playback at the same time. Generally, it is 4,8, or 16.
  • Video Resolution
    The standard resolution is D1 (720 x 576 pixels). However, new DVRs that work with IP cameras have HD resolution (1280 x 720 pixels).

Before, you choose the DVR that has the maximum resolution, make sure to consider the following factors.

  • Frame Rate
    To ensure that your video recordings are smooth without being grainy, you need to look for recorders that have a frame rate of at least 25 fps. Finding the frame rate for your preferred DVR model can be a bit confusing. This is because some DVRs specify the frame rate as a total for all the video channels. For example, if an 8-channel DVR mentions the FPS as 200, then it means that the frame rate for each channel is 25fps.
  • Hard Drive Size
    All DVR record the captured videos on an in-built HDD (Hard Drive Disk). While choosing a DVR, ensure that the HDD is big enough for your security needs. The amount of HDD space you require depends on several factors like – the number of cameras used, recording time, frame rate and resolution.

Here’s a general guideline to help you: Typically, a 500GB drive can hold a week’s footage for four cameras recording at 25fps at standard resolutions.

  • Online Access
    Latest DVRs come with internet connectivity, allowing you to view the recorded footage on your mobile device, desktop or laptop via the internet. This is a convenient feature, as you can watch the live feed from your premises while on the go.
  • Extra Features
    The above five factors are the main features to look for while selecting a DVR for your CCTV security system. Apart from these, several other features aren’t mandatory but give you added convenience and benefits. Some of these include – recording modes, alarm inputs, and outputs, customization of video tags – searching and playing by tags, smart playback, HDMI output and more.


Eurovigil I Discover HD 5CH 2.0 Eurovigil I Discover HD 10CH 2.0 Eurovigil I Discover HD 18CH 2.0
Number of video channels 4 8 16
Video Resolution 1920x1080P 1920x1080P 1920x1080P
Hard Drive Size 6TB 6TB 6TB
Online Access Yes Yes Yes

Use the factors mentioned above while comparing different DVR models and pick the right one that suits your specific security requirements.

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