A CCTV Camera, which is the acronym for Closed Circuit Television Camera is basically a kind of electronic camera used for the purpose of video surveillance. There are many different kinds of CCTV Cameras based on specific shape, size, style, configuration etc. which are geared towards a safer home.

Eurovigil Security Systems offer you many different kinds of surveillance cameras, such as the I View IP Camera in 200 2MP, 300 1MP, 300 2MP, 400 2MP, 500, 900 and 1000 variants; HD CCTV Cameras in IR Dome, IR bullet and IR varifocal variants, and the HD 500 PTZ camera — which will surely serve the intended purpose of the user.


Surveillance Cameras to Meet Different Purposes


What follows below is a concise list of the different kinds of surveillance cameras that are popular in the market along with their specific functionality.

1. Fixed Indoor Camera:
This indoor CCTV camera operates through fixed angle installation that provides a steady, straight and constant view of your home, to help monitor any possible activity within that range, with consistency, stability and ease.

2. Dome Camera:
Named so due to their shape, dome cameras are an indoor security staple. Its dome shape allows it to operate inconspicuously due to the camouflaging of the camera direction, although still visible in plain sight. They’re generally installed on the ceiling of homes, hence cannot be torn down by perpetrators. Some are equipped with infrared illuminators that enable them to capture low light videos.

3. Bullet Camera:
Bullet Cameras are shaped like a tapered, long cylinder like that of a bullet cartridge. These indoor CCTV cameras are meant for long-range viewings such as parking lot and backyard from indoors. Bullet cameras come with either fixed or varifocal lens. Their fixed length viewing allows an angle of almost 80 degrees. They come with protective casings which make them weatherproof.

4. PTZ Camera:
PTZ is the acronym for the pan, tilt, and zoom functionality that make PTZ cameras special. The surveillance operator can freely pan, tilt and/or zoom the lens either manually or via program command to get live monitoring that is accurate and controlled, as per the requirement of the situation.

5. High-Definition CCTV Camera:
HD CCTV Cameras, as their names tell us, record surveillance videos at high frame rates. This results in HD quality. The higher resolution proves to be beneficial in capturing finer details, coupled with face recognition and car number plate recognition through zoom-in (and zoom-out for the surroundings) without losing image quality and clarity.

6. C-Mount Camera:
C-Mount Cameras use lenses that are detachable for various purposes. A typical CCTV Camera may record footage of a distance up to 35 feet. However, C-Mount Cameras with the required lens setting may suffice for surveillance beyond this limit. Equipped with varifocal lens, that is able to fine-tune focal distance and angle of viewing, these cameras bring together accuracy with efficiency. With the help of optical zoom, zooming in and out does not lose the focus of the camera.

Understanding the different types of surveillance cameras available is crucial to choose the best one to protect one’s property. More than one kind of surveillance camera can be used to increase the level of security as well. The right CCTV camera is the key to efficient security and surveillance, and this decision must be taken wisely.

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