Named for their signature “dome” shape, dome CCTV cameras are popularly used in surveillance systems for homes, retail stores, hotels, offices, and more. The dome shape of the camera makes it easy to blend in with the surroundings. Additionally, the signature dome shape makes it difficult for intruders to pinpoint the direction of the lens accurately.

Dome cameras like the I View HD200 IR Dome Camera from Eurovigil come power packed with several features. It’s a true night vision camera with an IR range from 10 to 30m. Intrusion detection and line crossing detection makes it vandal-proof. It supports a dual live stream and another mobile sub-stream so that you can keep an eye on your property 24 x 7, right from your mobile or tablets.

Dome Security Camera - Installation

Wide angle, vandal resistant, discreet and low profile, and plenty of features – it’s no surprise that dome CCTV cameras are a great addition to your surveillance system.

Now, let’s look at a few key points that will help in Installation.

Dome CCTV Camera Installation Tips:

  • Ensure that your camera gets the right voltage to avoid overheating and voltage loss. Use power cables of suitable thickness, so that it prevents voltage drops especially when used for longer durations.
  • It’s best to avoid operating your CCTV camera surveillance system on the same power circuit of high-voltage requiring appliances like lifts, motors, and generators.
  • Test the chosen mount location before installation. Make sure that the location you have chosen provides complete coverage of the entry/exit points. Also, it must have adequate space for the camera, lens, connectors and camera housing.
  • Position the dome security camera away from direct sunlight, as constant exposure to extreme temperatures may reduce its lifespan.
  • Look for mount locations that are high so it cannot be reached easily by fraudsters and thieves. With that said, don’t position it too high as you are likely to capture only “top-of-head videos.”

These are some factors to keep in mind while installing a dome CCTV camera. Now, let’s look at the maintenance tips.

Dome CCTV Camera Maintenance and Cleaning Tips:

Outdoor cameras are likely to accumulate dirt and dust. When your camera is dirty, it reflects the IR light into the camera lens, thereby interfering with the night performance of the camera. You may not notice that your camera dome requires cleaning because the daytime video quality isn’t affected. Here, at Eurovigil, we recommend that you clean the dome of your CCTV camera 2-3 times a year, to optimise day and night video quality.

The dome of the I View HD200 IR is made from toughened polycarbonate. It’s extremely durable and long-lasting. However, you may scratch or damage it if you use improper cleaning methods.

Dome Camera Cleaning Guidelines:

  • To clean the dirt and dust accumulated outside the dome, use a soft dry cloth.
  • To clean stubborn smudges and dirt, wet a clean microfiber cloth in warm water mixed with a few drops of mild dish soap.
  • Don’t use harsh, anti-bacterial detergents, alcohol, ammonia, or other cleaning materials like paper towels, newspapers as it can damage the dome, causing loss of clarity and IR distortion.

Be Proactive and Make your Camera Last Long:

A dome camera is an excellent choice for boosting your security requirements. With the right installation and maintenance, it can last for years offering you complete peace of mind. For any further assistance on choosing the right CCTV camera for your surveillance system or installation, reach out to Eurovigil.

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