Housing societies are a common phenomenon in urban and metro cities. With increasing population in these areas, housing societies have come up in large numbers across the nation. In this arrangement, a society within a group of buildings is responsible for security and proper facilities like water, power, DTH, and internet. If you are a member of such a society, it is important to ensure the safety of all the residents of the building complex.

Ensure You Live In A Safe Society

Here are some tips for the residents to ensure they live in a safe society:

Door Safety:

Never leave a door unbolted. Have a deadbolt installed in all flats and apartments for better security. Every door needs to have peephole views to know who is standing outside the door.  Also, the common lobby needs to have a multi-apartment door phone installed from a reliable security solutions provider like Eurovigil. The Multi-apartment VDP Door Station from Eurovigil has a flexible camera to give a clearer image capture and hands-free communication. Such a system can alert a resident who is pressing the designated doorbell and then provide access accordingly.

Fire Alarms:

A fire alarm is a must in case you are living in a high-rise building. You never know when a fire threat will crop up. Hence it is advised to remain prepared and take necessary steps to minimise the risk from fire. You need to have fire detectors in common areas, fire extinguishers in designated zones, heat detectors, and manual alarm points that alerts the society within a particular flat or apartment. A conventional fire alarm panel from Eurovigil offer control panels for 2 zones and 4 zones and also comes with tactile feedback, low battery visual, and relay output for actuators ensuring better security for all the residents.

Access Control System:

By fitting a reliable access control system from Eurovigil, you can ensure that your loved ones provide access only to known people. The presence of an access control system works as a highly effective deterrent to mischief mongers and promotes a safe society.  Eurovigil has been quite a popular name when it comes to installation of security systems at the workplace or home. Their biometric access control and GPS/ Wi-Fi enabled devices are great to prevent unauthorised access to the society premises.

CCTV Surveillance

In today’s age of increased crimes, it makes total sense to install a CCTV camera at strategic locations within the society premises. Common points include the main gate, the common lobby, lift area and other restricted areas where access is limited to authorised personnel only.

For comprehensive CCTV surveillance, you need to check out a trustworthy provider like Eurovigil. The range of CCTV offerings from them includes both Analog CCTV and Digital CCTV options. They deal in all popular types of cameras like the dome, IP, PTZ, bullet CCTV and even digital video recorders (DVRs). Whether you need CCTV for continuous monitoring or wish to record the proceedings for future playback, you can do so from the vast array of CCTV solutions presented by Eurovigil.

With these handy tips to stay safe, you can provide a great living experience to the society’s residents. Make sure to get the right systems installed and boost the security and safety of the various buildings present within the housing complex

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