A one-stop solution for all your home security worries is the home intruder alarm system. You could be worried about how your 10-year old who is alone at home everyday call for safety in case of an emergency, or perhaps you’re worried about leaving the house unoccupied when you go on a vacation during the summer. Whatever your safety concern, the answer to all your fears is the intruder alarm system.

What Exactly Does Such A System Consist?

There are two critical elements in such an alarm system:


Home Intruder Alarm System

  • Sensors
    A complete alarm system will have multiple sensors such as motion sensors to detect movement in restricted areas of the house, heat/ smoke sensors to detect any untoward fire incident in the house, glass break sensors to detect and identify any windows that are broken to gain entry. These sensors are placed at strategic locations within the home such as near the door, window, bedroom safe to ensure the most effective coverage.
  • Control panel
    Once the sensor relays the intrusion signal to the control panel, the panel activates the hooter which blares to alert the neighbouring houses as well as any residents in the house. Along with that, a message is relayed to the central monitoring station from the control panel.

What happens when the intruder alarm is triggered?

The central monitoring station which has a team relays the urgent need for help to the police, fire brigade or ambulance service. This is like the action centre of the whole system. Some quality system providers such as Eurovigil have a 24×7 team that monitors the security systems which means there is no delay in calling the concerned authorities once the system has been alerted.

What are the things you need to keep in consideration when choosing an intruder detection system?

  • Performance reviews
    It’s best to know from consumers who have already used the product and availed the services. Read online reviews, check what has been the response time of the emergency authorities and comments on the durability of the products before you choose the one that suits you.
  • Installation process
    Some security systems can be tedious to install. Will the company offer the services of a professional to install the system? Or will you have to depend on your wits to do so? An incorrect security system will do you no good so, ensure that you have access to an expert who knows how to handle the installation.
  • Options to upgrade
    What if you decide to include more motion sensors for perhaps, the front yard? Make sure there is an option to add the number of sensors to an existing system unless you’re absolutely sure that you won’t need additional sensors in the future.
  • Price
    Although, an electronic intruder alarm system is a relatively inexpensive piece of technology, account for the product price and other fees such as activation, installation or usage fee that the security system may come with.

You have the basic knowledge of an intruder alarm security system now, so go ahead and get one for your home right away!

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