Everyone wants to keep their homes and loved ones safe and secure. But, most homeowners find it daunting and overwhelming to choose a home security system. Why? They are not sure which home security system is the right choice for them. And, with hundreds of models and solutions available on the market, finding the complete all-in-one home security system is indeed challenging.

Worry not, here in today’s post; we explore the benefits of Eurovigil’s 4D Home Security Solution, an innovative, all-in-one security system that keeps your loved ones and assets safe and secure, at all times.

What’s included in Eurovigil 4D?

As the name suggests, Eurovigil 4D is a 360-degree home security system that has four main components. The 4Ds of the system are:

  • Display with Video Door Phone
  • Deter with Access Control System
  • Detect with Intruder Alarm System
  • Discover with CCTV Surveillance System

Eurovigil's 4D Home Security Solutions

Let’s take a closer look at each of these components and what it does for improving your home security.

Display With Video Door Phone

The video door phone has two main components – the outdoor unit and indoor monitors. The outdoor unit is positioned near your calling bell. It transmits live video of any visitor who rings your front doorbell to the indoor monitors, that can be positioned anywhere inside your home.

You can now check who is at the front door, without opening the door and can unlock the door remotely from anywhere in the home. Additionally, both the units are equipped with 2-way audio, that lets you speak to the person at your front door, without opening the door.

Security Benefits:

  • See who is at the front door without opening the door and remotely unlock the door for friends and family. Prevents unlocking the door to unknown or suspicious callers.

Deter With Access Control System

The access control system uses a biometric fingerprint scanner to control access. Only people whose fingerprints are stored in the system will be able to gain entry into the house. Additionally, the access control system could also be used to track the incoming timings of servants, nannies, and other domestic helpers.

Security Benefits:

  • It’s a keyless system that overcomes the drawbacks of lost, misplaced, stolen or replicated keys. Automatic door closing ensures that you never leave the front door open, even accidentally. It also has an alarm that alerts neighbours and security authorities when someone tries to tamper with the access control system or forcefully enter in.

Detect With Intruder Alarm System

Protect your doors, windows and other entry points into your home with the intruder alarm system. Equipped with motion sensors, the intruder alarm system alerts neighbours and the Eurovigil Central Monitoring Station when someone tries to break into your property or in the case of accidents like fire outbreaks or gas leaks.

Security Benefits:

  • Monitor and track intruder movement around your property and prevent break-ins.

Discover with CCTV Surveillance System

The final component of the 4D security solution – the CCTV surveillance system acts as your eyes around your home even while you aren’t at home. With CCTV cameras positioned around the exterior of your home, you can capture the images of burglars, intruders and other suspicious people lurking around the property.

Security Benefits:

  • A CCTV surveillance system acts as your virtual eye and keeps a record of all that’s happening around your home, even while you are away. Additionally, the presence of CCTV surveillance acts as a major deterrent and prevents thefts and burglaries from happening in your home.

Provide your home with complete safety and security with Eurovigil 4D

Home security is no longer about having a dog at home or placing deadbolts on your front door. With modern security solutions like the Eurovigil 4D, you now have an unprecedented level of control over your home. From monitoring kids and pets while at work to helping seniors open the doors to visitors remotely, Eurovigil 4D offers an array of benefits. Bring home the Eurovigil 4D and offer 360-degree protection to your loved ones.

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