A CCTV camera with night vision capability is the best way to track movements of burglars and other miscreants around your house, during the night. Equipped with Infra-red lighting, these cameras capture images and videos, even when there is poor or no light outside.

However, you could degrade the quality of your recordings by making some of these common mistakes. Read on to know more about what to do and what to avoid so that you capture images of the best quality on your night vision security camera.

#1: Ensure that the IR is powerful enough

This is one of the most critical points to get right when choosing CCTV cameras to capture images at night. But, this one’s a bit tricky to nail it right. CCTV cameras have a range from 5m to 50m and even longer, depending on the model. However, you have to bear in mind that though your camera can capture at the maximum range, the image quality at the extremes will be affected.

The general rule of thumb is to measure your desired range and choose a camera with ranges a bit more than that. For instance, if you want to cover an area of 40m, then it pays to invest in a night vision camera that has a maximum range of 50m.

#2: Don’t opt for an IR that’s too powerful

While this may seem counterintuitive to the above point, it indeed matters. This is because an IR that’s too powerful can lead to images of poor quality. CCTV cameras cannot adjust the brightness of the IR sensor depending on the situation. This means if your subject is standing right next to a camera that was designed to capture ultra long ranges; your subject may appear too bright or washed out.

 #3: Consider the Mounting Height

The mounting height plays a crucial factor in determining the output image quality. For instance, if you use a camera mounted at the height of 3m, to keep an eye on your car that’s parked at a distance of 4m away from your house, the actual distance between the camera and the vehicle is 5m.

So, you’ll have to consider the mounting height when choosing the range of an IR camera.

#4: IR works only when there is a Subject to Reflect It

The light from a torch isn’t visible unless it’s reflected off an object or a wall. The same applies to a night vision CCTV camera. Sometimes, customers assume that their camera isn’t working just because they see only darkness in the images.

Worry not, when a subject moves into the range of the camera, the subject reflect the IR, thereby illuminating the picture.

#5: Ensure that you have a clear field of view

This is because when your field of view is blocked with objects, the camera will try to adjust the exposure. For instance, if you have a tree or a branch blocking the field of view, this object will be brightly illuminated causing the rest of the frame to appear darker. This makes it difficult to capture any details.

A wireless night vision camera is the perfect way to catch details of any intruders even when its pitch dark outside. Make sure to get the most out of your camera with these handy tips. For further information about usage or installation of IR CCTV cameras, get in touch with our security experts, here at Eurovigil, India’s most trusted home security expert.

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