Motion detectors are electronic devices for detecting any changes in the energy field within a specified periphery range around the detector. These detectors have in them, sensors for detecting changes in the light, heat and sound energy fields within a definite range.

They are embedded in security systems like security cameras to detect changes in the surrounding energy field and emit signals accordingly. Certain detectors can also be configured to set up trigger actions like start recording camera, sending a signal message to the remote user or focusing vigil devices on the area of energy change.

How Do Motion Sensors Work

Sensors have also found utility as integrated parts in automatic light control systems and energy efficiency controller systems. The inbuilt sensors in automatic energy systems can dim or brighten light, sound, heat as per the user preference feed.

PIR Motion Detectors by Eurovigil

PIR stands for passive infrared. Eurovigil PIR sensor devices use infrared waves to detect physical motion within a certain range. Since these sensors do not emit or radiate any energy on their own for detecting physical motion these are also known as passive sensors.

PIR sensing technology is used in sensor devices that are meant for homes and small premises. The PIR motion sensor detector can be helpful in detecting physical motion within a range of 20 feet of the electronic detector device. PIR sensors for homes are handy lightweight devices that can be attached anywhere in the house premises. A house may also have more than one PIR detector if the periphery is large.

Eurovigil PIR Sensor Wireless Powering Technique

The handy wireless Eurovigil PIR sensor devices draw power supply through wireless mediums. A wireless electronic device like a wireless sensor device is configured with an electromagnetic transmitter connected with the power supply. The transmitter radiates electronic waves all around that are caught up by the configured devices. The configured devices derive electric current from the electromagnetic waves received by them to run the sensor device.

Eurovigil PIR Motion Detector Sensor Technique

Physical objects having temperatures above zero kelvin or -273.15°C emit radiations. The human eye is not able to detect these radiations as these radiations have infrared spectrum wavelengths. The infrared radiations emitted by any physical object or radiations reflected from walls enter the sensor device through the face of the sensor to reach the core sensors. Core sensors made of pyroelectric materials emit radiations on being exposed to infrared radiations that are then converted into output readings by the detector device. The output signals are transmitted to smart devices configured with the detector device. Thus, the user is alerted about the unwanted physical presence of human or animal in the prohibited range.

Apart from serving as security guards inside home peripheries sensors can be used in standalone detector devices like alarms or can even be integrated with home energy control systems or home automatic management systems that provide automatic control to users for managing their smart home or office premises.

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