The success of any organisation – regardless of nature, size and industry – depends on how productive its workforce is. Just keeping tabs on how many days in a month an employee works is not an accurate measure of how productive an employee is at the workplace.

You need to track other parameters like – employee reporting time, leaving time, duration of breaks and more. This is where biometric attendance systems come into the picture.

If you are wondering whether a biometric access control system like the Eurovigil I Deter MB100 is a good fit for your business, continue reading to check out the top reasons, why you need it.

Biometric Attendance

#1: Prevent timecard mistakes

Timecard mistakes frequently occur – whether by accident or deliberately. For instance, an employee may forget to punch in the timecard in the early morning rush. On the other hand another employee may not report to work and get a friend to punch in for him.

With a biometric access control system, employees have to scan their fingerprints before they can enter the building. This way, there is no chance for employees to make timecard mistakes accidentally or deliberately.

#2: Simplify payroll processing

Payroll processing is one of the biggest challenges that HR departments face every month. Many times, they have to go through volumes of data and time-consuming spreadsheets manually to figure out the work hours for each employee in the organisation.

With a biometric time tracker, all this info is presented in an easy-to-access format, thereby simplifying the time spent on payroll processing.

#3: Protect your workspace

Do you have specific areas in your building where only authorised personnel use? Then, using a biometric scanner prevents other unauthorised personnel from entering these restricted areas.

#4: To inculcate punctuality among employees

With a manual time tracking system, employees know that there are methods in which they can alter reporting and leaving times. With an automated biometric tracker, there is no way for employees to manipulate times. You can certainly notice a sharp surge in employee punctuality within a few weeks of installing these devices.

#5: To make procedures transparent

With a biometric time-tracker, employees get a clear idea of their swipe in and out times. They can also see the working times of others and carry out self-assessments. With such transparency, employees are likely to develop trust and confidence in your business, which in turn boosts employee loyalty.

#6: For workforce analytics

With the easy availability of employee work times, HR departments can carry out real-time analytics of the workforce. They can schedule shifts, allotments and assignments based on employee availability. Additionally, this data also helps management make better work scheduling and forecasts, which in turn, boosts productivity.

The six reasons mentioned above give you a clear picture of the numerous benefits of having a biometric attendance tracker for your business. The next step is to browse Eurovigil’s latest biometric access control systems and choose the right one that is a perfect fit for your business.

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