When it comes to education, children need a safe and welcoming environment to blossom and grow. Schools have to find the right balance in creating a welcoming and safe environment for each of their students. The challenge here is to carry out day-to-day academic activities on campus while ensuring the safety and security of the kids.

Schools are now taking concrete measures to ensure a safe learning environment. They are establishing clear security protocols and implementing them amongst students, parents and teachers. These security measures are being supplemented with continued monitoring offered by video surveillance systems.

Here are few ways on how surveillance camera and systems can safeguard your kids in school.

  • Teachers to Follow Security Protocols

School authorities often prescribe protocols to ensure safety and security of children. This may include guidelines like- teachers cannot leave the class unattended, unauthorised access cannot be allowed in classrooms by teachers, etc. One of the ways to monitor that the prescribed security guidelines are followed by the teachers is by installing CCTV cameras in each classroom. When teachers are aware that they are being monitored, they are likely to follow the protocols and can be corrected in case of any deviations.

  • Prevent Vandalism and Violent Behaviour on Campus

Studies state that today’s students are more likely to engage in violent behaviour not only towards their peers but also against teachers. With video surveillance cameras, the behaviour of each student can be monitored to put an end to violence and vandalism not only against teachers but also other kids.

Through the lens of these cameras, unruly kids can be identified, which can further help in taking corrective action before the problem snowballs into a massive issue. This makes the environment in the campus safe.

  • Track Performance of Teachers

Conducting trial classes to monitor the performance of teachers isn’t the most efficient system for school authorities to find out if the teacher is doing the job properly or not. When the teachers know that they will be observed and evaluated, they are likely to come prepared for these classes.

Instead, with CCTV cameras, the teachers can be monitored. School authorities can evaluate the teacher’s methods and his/her behaviour while dealing with students. This helps in delivering accurate feedback to each member of the staff, and also serves as a way to appraise their performance. Also, it improves the quality of the teaching faculty, ensuring that your kids learn the best at school.

  • Tackle any Emergency Quickly

During an emergency, the sooner you respond, the easier it is to tackle the issue at hand. This is where a CCTV surveillance system at schools comes quite handy. Authorities can monitor what’s happening in any classroom in real time and dispatch the concerned teams quickly without any delay.

For instance, if a student gets injured in the playground, the first-aid team can be sent immediately, and right measures can be taken swiftly and quickly.

  • Ensure that students don’t leave the Campus Unattended

Very often, child abductors and kidnappers nab unsuspecting students from or right outside the school campus. With CCTV cameras monitoring the perimeter of the school, such criminals are far less likely to commit the crime.

Additionally, if school authorities come across a suspicious person loitering near or inside the campus on the camera, the security guards and other relevant authorities can be intimated on-time to investigate the matter. Moreover, in case of the unlikely crime, the footage can act as a very important piece of evidence or clue for the police authorities.

  • Eliminate Ragging and Bullying

Ragging and bullying is a massive nuisance, and it can even lead to disastrous consequences. With cameras positioned everywhere, students are aware that they’re being monitored continuously. This prevents them from engaging in ragging and bullying other kids. Moreover, any such activity can be monitored closely, which can help school authorities take corrective action quickly.

  • Earn the Trust of Parents

When parents realise that schools have employed the latest methods of surveillance at school from a reliable company such as Eurovigil, they are likely to trust the school authorities. This not only increases the reputation of the school among the parent community, but it also gives peace of mind to the parents knowing that their kids are being monitored in the school, adding the much-needed extra layer of protection.

With all these benefits, school authorities must indeed invest in the latest video surveillance systems for their campus. Moreover, schools should choose CCTV cameras with waterproof coverings, night vision, and zoom and tilt to get images of the best quality. This is how the kids in the school will be safeguarded.

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