Have you ever considered the possibility that your wireless IP cameras could be attacked by hackers just like your PC and mobile devices? In fact, IP camera hacking has been on the rise, the last few years. Malicious hackers out there are looking for ways to enter your system and sneakily spy on your activities.

Here’s what you must do to protect your home security system from falling prey to cyber attacks.

Seven Tips to Keep your CCTV System from being Hacked

  1. Change your Password periodically

Any CCTV system irrespective of the model uses a password that grants access to legitimate users. This is the first point of vulnerability for hackers. Make sure that you change the password periodically, and choose ones that are difficult to be guessed. Also, never share your password with servants, workers, home repairmen and others.

  1. Rename the default username and password

Most security systems come with a default username and password that is set by the manufacturer on installation. Make sure to change both these fields once you have successfully installed the system. Very often, the default username and password is available on the manuals or website of the manufacturer. Using the same provides an open invitation for hackers to enter your system.

  1. Secure your Wifi with WPA2

To protect CCTV camera systems, you need to secure your home wifi network with WPA2 passwords.  Never allow strangers to access your home internet. Share the password only with trusted friends and your family members. Also, if you have the doubt that your internet is being used by unknown people, make sure to change the password at once.

  1. Never log into your Video Feed from a Public Network

It may be tempting to use free wifi networks at places like coffee shops, train stations, etc. But, experts warn that these networks are highly vulnerable and hackers can easily access your personal information that you share on this network. Make it a point not to access your home security feed using public wifi.

  1. Look for Cameras with Encrypted Signals

Today, the best wireless security camera system in the market comes with several advanced features like encryption. These cameras encrypt signals before transmitting them on multiple channels. This makes them highly secure from hackers.

  1. Keep an eye out for unusual activity

It pays to be vigilant. Always check out who is accessing your home security system. If you notice any suspicious activity, make sure to bring it to the attention of your home security system provider.

  1. Never buy a Used Camera

Compromising your security is a big NO. A used camera may be available for dead cheap prices. But, remember that used cameras are easier to hack, and attackers can use this device to spy on you. Also, make sure that you never purchase your home security system from unknown vendors.

To protect your CCTV home security system from cyber attacks, always buy it from a trusted security system provider like Eurovigil. When you choose Eurovigil, you’re assured of getting the best devices with the latest technology in the market.

Make use of these seven simple tips and protect your home security system from online hackers. Additionally, if you’re still concerned about the security of your system, you can invest in a CCTV camera protector device. Ask your security provider to help you with the installation of these.

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