Be it a small jewellery store or a multi-storey jewellery store, it is important to safeguard your catalogue, cash and other valuables in the store. Although theft insurance will cover the loss of any valuables from your jewellery store, an insurance claim is a slow-moving process ridden with anxiety. That’s why, preventing a robbery or theft or even a fire from occurring at your store, is a more astute security decision.

How To Secure A Jewellery Store

Read on to find out what are the different jewellery store security systems which you can put in place…

  • Burglar Alarm System
    This jewellery store security solution includes a variety of sensors- motion, shock, glass-break, heat & smoke. When these sensors are triggered, the control panel system activates a loud hooter which deter the intruder/ burglar from continuing with the break-in, and immediately relay a message to the central monitoring station which will alert the concerned authorities such as the police and owners.
  • Fire Alarm System
    A human element is not the only security risk for your establishment. One of the essential jewellery shop security systems include a fire alarm system that alert the owners, fire brigade, ambulance service and other relevant authorities in case a fire breaks out in the store. This security system includes heat, smoke, and fire detectors which automatically relay a signal to the control panel which in turn alerts the concerned parties to the situation. There are manual call points, too; an occupant of the store can pull the alarm to raise an alert and send a message to the authorities.
  • CCTV Cameras
    Closed-circuit television cameras or CCTV cameras are your eyes that record everything 24×7. The CCTV camera for jewellery shop is quite a multipurpose tool as it helps the owner/manager keep an eye on the employees in other parts of the store; keep an eye on the customers in case any of them try to sneak anything; provide evidence in case of any crime caught on camera. The best CCTV camera for jewellery shop will help you record audio and visual in high definition so that you don’t have to second-guess what the CCTV cameras have recorded or what you are seeing.
  • Access Control System
    Another one of the important jewellery security systems is the biometric access control system which is essentially an advanced and far more secure form of granting door access. This security system allows only those whose fingerprints are registered within the system to open the door. Alternatively, someone with the passcode can also gain entry through this door. The access control system can secure your jewellery store by limiting the access that employees get to the main storage vault or for completely restricting access to such a vault for a potential robber.

There are multiple options available for you to secure your jewellery store. The best way is to use a combination of multiple security tools to arrive at the best overall security solution.

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