The growing crime rate across the city is beyond alarming. When we leave our home for office or are away for a while, we always want to come back to our home and see our family safe and secure. However, hope is not a strategy, when primary measures like home security measures are not in place. A burglary or theft can have devastating consequences. While you can recover the financial loss over time, the emotional trauma can last longer than what you imagine.

Intruder Alarm System

So, it is better to stop and take a look at the scenario. Is it worth risking your loved ones’ well-being or the safety of your belongings? The answer is a clear NO. The research statistics help to paint a more realistic picture of what seem to be the best precautions to protect your near and dear ones. One obvious way is incorporating home security measures like the intruder alarm system also known as the burglar alarm system.

This security alarm system detects an unauthorised access and sends out an immediate alert to the CMS (Central Monitoring System) apart from the concerned people and the local authorities. The sensor installed in the premises detects every minute break-in, while the centralised control panel raises a loud alarm to alert the neighbours.

Research has proven that thieves or intruders are hesitant to break into a house having a burglar alarm system. Also, almost 31% of the burglars retreat from a home if they come across a security system. These figures reflect the efficiency and effectiveness of home security systems.

Only The Best For Your Home:

Part of the Eureka Forbes family is Eurovigil security solutions which has earned the distinction of being the most advanced and complete home security system providers. Eurovigil offers complete security, vigilance, and protection to homes, offices, shops and shopping malls with the most efficient and instant intruder alarm systems and other latest technologies.

Being India’s most advanced electronic security system, Eurovigil 4D Home security solutions work in collaboration with the central monitoring system of Eurovigil. It is also known as the Eurovigil Monitoring Station, offering 24-hour security, guarding over 1.3 lac hours, with 24-hour helpline and support.

We offer a myriad of security alarm systems, to choose the one that matches your needs and budget.

Eurovigil I Guard:

Available in three variants, the Eurovigil I Guard 300, 200 and 100, these wireless home alarm systems offer total security. Best suited for home and commercial establishments, the wireless system is easily installed and has a single button operation. With a range of up to 350 metres, the Eurovigil I Guard wireless intrusion alarm system has a 24-hour battery backup. With one touch emergency key, the security system from Eurovigil is certified by prominent authorities like the UL, ULC, CE, FCC and TEC.

Eurovigil I Protect:

India’s first economic burglar alarm monitoring system, Eurovigil I Protect brings to you 24*7*365 Central Monitoring Station. It monitors alarms generated by the Intruder Alarm systems and provides pre-planned customised response catering to the individual needs with 24-hour monitoring. Additionally, a CMS system also facilitates the storing and updating of multiple numbers in the contact list in case of an emergency. The moment an emergency takes place, the Eurovigil I Protect burglar alarm monitoring system notifies you on the smartphone, your backup list and simultaneously sends an alert to the nearest police station, fire department and the hospital.

Choosing a security system for your home can be the trickiest part of the whole process with many companies offering similar products out there. Visiting the best and trusted firm for home security alarm system works in your favour always and Eurovigil is the apt option.

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