According to a report by the University of North Carolina, more than 60% burglars stated that the presence of an intruder alarm system made them give up the burglary attempt. Moreover, a vast majority of burglars agreed that they usually looked for weak points in the perimeter like an open window to break in.

This is why intruder alarm systems play a vital role in ensuring the safety and security of your home, 24 x 7.

What is it?

It’s a device that detects unauthorised entry into your home. When it detects signs of a break in, it alerts the remote monitoring station. The personnel at this station, inform the property owner, local police, and neighbours.

Apart from sending alerts to the concerned person, the system also sounds a loud alarm that scares off burglars and intruders.

Why install these devices?

According to several studies, it not only sends timely alerts but also acts as a deterrent. In a survey conducted by, nearly 34% of all burglaries occur through the front door, and a whopping 80% occur through windows. In fact, doors and windows are the most vulnerable points in your defense mechanism.

This is why intruder alarms are highly helpful. This burglar alarm system is designed to fortify your doors and windows and warn you when a break-in occurs at any one of these points.

Now that you’ve been convinced of the importance of these systems, let’s take a closer look at the-

Components of Burglar Alarms

An intruder alarm consists of two main parts. They are:

  • Sensors – Also known as detectors, these devices identify if any untoward action occurs. There are several types of sensors that can detect motion, vibration, heat, flood, smoke, and These sensors trigger the system when something terrible happens like a break-in or a fire.
  • Control Panel – Consider this as the brain of your home security system. When it detects any changes in the sensor, like a break-in or a fire, it sends a signal to the monitoring station. Apart from alerting the monitoring station, it also raises a loud alarm. The control panel can either be wired or wireless depending on specific requirements.
  • Apart from these two main components, there’s a third element of burglar alarms. This is the remote monitoring station. The Eurovigil Monitoring Station (EMS) is monitored by experienced personnel 24 x 7. When the station receives an alert from a particular device, the personnel inform the owner of the security breach and also alert the local police immediately.

This way with Eurovigil home security solutions, you can breathe easy that your home and loved ones are safe and secure.

When you opt for Eurovigil intruder alarm, our expert team helps you with everything. Right from conducting a survey of your site, to positioning and installing the alarm system to setting up the codes and running test runs, our security experts assist you during every step of the process. Once the alarm has been installed, you get the support of the EMS, who monitor your home 24 x 7 and alert the concerned authorities in the case of an attempted break-in.

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