Thinking about improving your home security? Have you checked out Eurovigil’s Video Door Phone? It’s a doorbell, a video camera and a two-way audio communications device – all wrapped into a single gadget.

Moreover, the best part – it’s easy to install and easier to use. Check out the fantastic ways you can use the video intercom system for your home.

1. Answer the door from anywhere in your home

Do you hate leaving your tasks midway and going to the front door to answer the doorbell? Only to find that it’s yet another sales person?

Video Intercom System

With Eurovigil’s I See 400 intercom system, when the visitor rings your doorbell, you hear it chime like an ordinary bell. Additionally, you also get a live stream of the visitor on the indoor monitor positioned in your kitchen, drawing room, bedroom or elsewhere. This unit supports up to four indoor monitors located conveniently anywhere in your home.

You can see the visitor, but the visitor cannot see you and have a conversation right from where you are inside the house. Thus, you can answer the doorbell right from your couch, bed or elsewhere in the home.

2. Let in family and friends, without having to go to the front door

By connecting Eurovigil’s home intercom system with a smart door lock, you can open the door remotely. For instance, if you see that it’s your husband, kids or other known family members at the porch, you can tap on the lock release icon of your indoor unit and let in people without having to walk all the way to the front door.

This is a great way to use the video doorbell, especially when you have elders in the house who have limited mobility. They can let in trusted visitors without having to walk up to the front door.

3. Catch a suspicious caller in the act

Have you experienced this scenario – you hear the doorbell ring and you go to open the front door, only to find that there is no one there? This may be a prank pulled by mischievous neighbourhood kids, or it may be the act of a potential thief.

Very often, thieves scout a property to see who is at home, before they plan a heist. They ring the doorbell and hide somewhere to see who is opening the door. This way, they find out who is at home and at what time, so they can enter your property, when you are alone or when the place is empty.

With our home intercom system, you capture the video clip and image of everyone who rings the doorbell. This way, you can track suspicious callers and alert the police before they can plan a heist.

4. Enhance the security of your multi-storey apartment block

One of the biggest drawbacks of apartment blocks is that it’s easy for thieves and other miscreants to gain access into the apartment block by claiming that they are visiting someone there. With the Eurovigil multi-apartment Elcom video intercom phone, anyone entering the apartment complex has to be buzzed in by the resident, before they can enter the common foyer.

For instance, if a person is visiting a particular flat, they press the corresponding video doorbell of that flat. The resident of the flat checks who is at the common entrance and then either proceeds to open the door (if they know the person) or alerts the security if they see a suspicious caller.

5. Deter crooks

Very often, most burglaries in residential areas occur in broad daylight when the residents of a home are at work, school or elsewhere. By connecting Eurovigil’s home intercom system to your smartphone you can receive a notification on your mobile when someone rings the doorbell in your absence. The system also captures the image of the caller.

When crooks see that you have installed a sophisticated home security system at your front door, they do not attempt to break-in. Thus, the video doorbell adds an extra layer of protection to your home.

Enhance the security of your home with Eurovigil’s video doorbell

Protect your loved ones, keep your home safe and enjoy freedom from answering the doorbell endlessly with Eurovigil’s video door phones. Scout through our wide range of models and choose one according to your needs.

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