Just a few years back, video door phones were something which was present only in sci-fi films and space-age novels. Today, these devices are increasingly seen in homes all across the country, in high-rises, apartment complexes, individual villas, bungalows and many more.

Before we take a look at the prominent features and benefits of the Eurovigil video door phone; let’s take a quick look at what it does.

Simply put, the video door phone lets you monitor who’s at the door, without having to open your door. This way, you need not open your front door unknowingly to burglars and intruders posing as guests.

The Working:

The video door phones from Eurovigil are made up of two main components. They are:

  • The Outdoor Unit – It has a mounted camera and an inbuilt microphone.
  • The Indoor Unit – It consists of a video monitor screen that displays the image of the person at the door.

Every single time, a person rings your front bell; the video door phone displays the image of the person on the monitor of the indoor unit. This way you can make sure who’s at your door before opening it.

Let’s take a look at what sets the Eurovigil door phone apart from other similar devices in the market.

Unique Features of the Eurovigil Video Door Phone:

  • Unlock your door remotely – Tired of having to interrupt your busy kitchen work or pause your favourite show on TV, every time someone rings the doorbell? Well, no more. With Eurovigil, you can now remotely monitor who’s at the door and press the lock-release button to open the door, without having to go to the front door.
  • Additional Monitors – You can now set up extra monitors wherever you want in your home. This means you can now monitor who’s at the front door from your kitchen, bedroom or anywhere else. No need to walk to the front door every single time.
  • Night Vision – This is one of the unique Eurovigil video door phone features. It comes with an IR (infra-red) sensor, meaning you can view who’s at the door, even during the night or in low-light conditions. Additionally, you can adjust the contrast and brightness of the monitor, so that you can view images with crystal-clear clarity.
  • Weatherproof – The Eurovigil door phone is made to withstand the rugged conditions of Indian weather. Be it dust, rain, wind or even hot sun, your outdoor unit can withstand all extreme temperatures.

Five Reasons why you need to Install a Video Door Phone in your home:

  • Enhance Security – Don’t open the door to intruders posing as visitors or peddlers. Now you can see who’s at the door, without opening it.
  • Communicate without opening the door – With the two-way microphone, you can now communicate with the visitor without opening your door.
  • Easy Installation – Quick to set up and expert installation by security experts, you can now set up the video door phone from Eurovigil within minutes.
  • Record who visited even when you aren’t at home – You can playback the monitor feed to check who visited your house, while you were away.
  • A great boon for Seniors – Elderly or disabled people can check and open the door remotely, without having to get up every time the doorbell

Now that you’re aware of the immense benefits of the Eurovigil wireless video door phone, are you ready to bring it home?

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