Your workplace or office is the one place where you have quite a few assets, your confidential business documents, and your IT systems. You need to take proper security measures to make certain that they are protected from burglars and other external threats. Here are a few tips that help you protect the commercial property from burglars:

Identify The Vulnerabilities

What would a thief likely to target the most? It can either be valuables, important documents or your expensive electronics like servers and laptops. Make sure you assess which are the vulnerable areas within your commercial property. Then take necessary steps to ensure that valuables and precious assets are not visible from outside your premises. This will lower the likelihood of being targeted.

How To Protect Your Property From Burglaries

Secure The Gates and Doors

Your doors, lobby, reception area, and gates are the areas that strangers will use the maximum to gain access to your office or commercial space. Make sure that you opt for a good video door phone from Eurovigil to prevent physical access before knowing who is on the other side of the door. If the office remains closed at specific hours, an intruder alarm systems like the ones provided by Eurovigil will come in handy to detect motion or unauthorized entry. For a bigger office with employees coming at multiple timings, you can go for an access control system instead of a video door phone.

Secure Other Entry Points

Every office space has different access levels to different zones within the workplace. For instance, the IT room can be accessed only by IT staff, the canteen will be open to all employees, and the individual cabin will have access only to the person to whom it is allotted. Having access control is important to prevent trespassing, and maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of specific assets and documents inside the office. Any other entry points, windows, ducts or doors should be secured as well.

Safety coating for windows

Using a safety coating can prove to be a valuable deterrent for thieves. The adhesive plastic sheeting makes it virtually impossible to break the window panes of the office. It also offers an additional advantage – of protecting the interiors when a strong gust of winds blow against these panes.

Multiple Levels of Defense

Having more than one type of security/ surveillance product to serve your security needs will add a lot of value in providing the ultimate protection. Having a CCTV, door phone and an intruder alarm system from a reliable provider like Eurovigil will act as a great defense mechanism. With these systems working simultaneously, it will not only refute the attempts of the thief, but also prevent the burglary attempt altogether. With a CCTV in your office premises, you can keep a watch over the events and movements in the office. You can also keep tabs on employee movements and carry out remote monitoring.

These measures are great ways to enable protection from burglars, tresspassers, etc. for your office and workplace. Use these tips and make certain that your office assets, systems, and confidential data remain safe.

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