Security cameras are one of the most important components of your home, building, or office safety plan. But to enhance their effectiveness, it is imperative to know the places where the cameras should be installed. It is only after you install them that you’d be able to monitor the entire property effectively.

Here are 5 of the essential tips that you can consider for installing the security cameras at the most strategic locations:-

1. Cover All The Entry and Exit Points:
In most of the cases, intruders generally prefer entering from the front or back doors. Thus, make sure you cover all the entry and exit points of your home or office. While installing at the front door, make sure that the camera faces the visitors as they stand at your door. Choose the right camera as per the range you wish the camera to cover.

Strategic Placement of Security Cameras

Usually, a dome camera is good for covering wider ranges like gardens, porches, backyards. On the other hand, a bullet or varifocal camera is excellent to cover long ranges like a driveway. Also ensure, the camera you install in these locations are IR enabled to record clear videos especially if you do not have adequate lighting at such locations.

2. Cover the Vulnerable Windows
The windows that do not face a busy road or street are highly preferred by intruders as they are generally away from the prying eyes of the public. As shutting and keeping the windows locked at all times may not be a practical solution, you can consider installing CCTV camera here.

You can consider IP cameras with remote monitoring capabilities for such locations as they allow you to easily watch the live feed of the cameras through the internet. You can use your PC, laptop, and even mobile phone to view the live feed from IP cameras.

3. Don’t Ignore the Indoors
Most people believe that CCTV camera for home or office is only suitable for outdoor spaces. However, what if an intruder somehow manages to break into your house? For this, it is essential also to have the cameras installed indoors pointing towards the doors or windows.

The same applies to offices too. But apart from intruders, business owners also need to monitor the employees and their activities regularly. As a result, places such as stock rooms, workspace, back offices, and cash registers are ideal for installing cameras.

4. Cameras Should be Visible but out of Reach
The presence of security cameras often deter intruders and prevent burglaries. As a result, it is essential to make sure that the office or home camera is easily visible but out of reach, especially when installed on the doors and windows.

For outdoor locations, it is advised to buy a CCTV camera with DVR and other security features so that it can protect your camera against vandalism and record footage in case anyone tries to destroy it.

5. Risk Assessment Can Be Very Helpful
One of the best ways to find out the best location to install security cameras is with the help of a professional risk assessment.

At Eurovigil, we offer free risk assessment to help you find the most vulnerable areas in an around your home and office. Based on their professional opinion, you can not only purchase the right type of cameras but also identify locations which need to be covered for complete security.

6. High-Quality Security Cameras with Correct Placement for Complete Safety
No matter how good or feature-packed your security camera is or how expensive the CCTV camera price is, if it is not placed correctly, it won’t be able to deliver the expected results. If you are spending money on security cameras, why let wrong placement prevent you from experiencing the security benefits?

At Eurovigil, we always make sure that you select the right security cameras as per your needs and they are accurately installed at strategic places for enhanced safety.

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