Usually when we mention CCTV systems, people think of large, complicated video surveillance cameras used in malls and retail outlets to guard against shoplifters.

However, a CCTV camera for home is a great way to keep your loved ones and valuables protected from burglars and intruders. But that isn’t the only use. In fact, apart from securing your home, there are a whole lot of other benefits you can get from it.

Here are a few creative ways to get the most out of your home CCTV systems.

  • Keep an eye on Children and Pets when you aren’t at Home

Apart from protecting your home from burglars, CCTV systems can help you watch your children and pets. Whether your kids are playing in the backyard while you’re working in the kitchen or you have to leave your pets alone at home when you go for a day trip, your CCTV system helps you keep an eye on them, while you carry out your work.

  • Let Elderly Parents enjoy their Independence

As parents get older, they always need someone to watch over them. But most seniors aren’t ready to give up their independence and have a caretaker to help them. With a CCTV surveillance system, you can now watch over them, without making them feel dependent on you.

  • Monitor House Staff, Repair Personnel Remotely

In today’s world, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to trust anyone; be it cleaning staff, repair personnel like plumbers, electricians and carpenters, you cannot stay at home 24 x 7 monitoring them. The best alternative is to use a CCTV system and have an eye on them, while they carry out their work.

  • Automate your Homes

Today, smart homes are becoming more and more common. You can now control your air-conditioners, door locks, televisions, washing machines, refrigerators and music systems remotely with the help of smart gadgets. One of the primary requirements of a smart home is an efficient CCTV system.

With video surveillance, you can check which doors need to be locked and switch off/on lights even when you aren’t at home.

  • Watch out for Deliveries

Online shopping has become an integral part of our lives. Worried about the increasing cases of delivery thefts? Make use of CCTV cameras to track when a delivery is made to your door and ask a neighbour to collect it for you, when you aren’t at home. Additionally, CCTV cameras help you track who’s at the front door before you open it.

  • Live Stream your Parties to People who couldn’t make it

Hosting a party or a get-together at your home? Now, you can live stream the event to your friends who couldn’t make it. This way, they don’t feel left out of the fun. You can use third-party apps to connect with your CCTV camera and live stream the special occasion to friends and family in any corner of the world.

While CCTV cameras are a MUST to protect your loved ones and precious valuables, there are indeed several other ways you can use it. Make sure you pick the right CCTV camera types to meet your specific requirements.

Get in touch with the security experts here at Eurovigil to help you locate the best CCTV security system that addresses all your needs.

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