Home automation has finally entered our thresholds. After years of dreaming about controlling home appliances remotely, smart home devices are now a reality. From controlling your AC temperature to switching on and off lighting, opening window shades and more – anything is possible with the push of a button, a few taps on your mobile screen or by issuing voice commands.

With dozens and dozens of smart home devices flooding the market, it’s indeed a huge challenge to decide on the right gadgets that you need to make your home truly “smart.”

Top 8 Smart Home Devices

8 Must-Have Smart Home Products for Indian Homeowners:

  1. Dimmer Controller
    This is a handy device that is a part of Eurovigil’s home automation. Using the dimmer, you can turn on or off all lights and other appliances in your home. The dimmer also allows you to schedule certain actions in advance. For instance, if you want the coffee maker to start brewing five minutes before you wake up, then you can set it using the dimmer.Changing fan speeds, turning on the living room lights automatically every time the front door opens – it’s all possible with the Dimmer Controller.
  2. AC Controller
    Walking into a perfectly chilled home after a long day is one of life’s simple pleasures that has a huge impact.As the name implies, you can control the temperature settings and turn on/off your AC remotely using the AC controller. Once you connect the air-conditioners in your home to this device, you can switch on/off the AC, set your preferred temperature from your mobile, regardless of whether you are in your home or not.
  3. Curtain Controller
    One of the most underrated smart home products, the curtain controller controls the opening and closing of your curtains remotely. You can even set timers so that your curtains open at daybreak on weekdays waking you up from sleep naturally.
  4. Panic Button
    If you have ageing parents, in-laws or small kids alone at home while you are away at work, then their safety will surely keep you worried. The smart panic button is an emergency auto-dialer that alerts you immediately. If your senior parents or kids need help, all they have to do is long press the switch on button for two seconds to activate the panic alert – which automatically dials you and other programmed neighbours or authorities.
  5. Hooter
    This is another smart home solution that keeps your home protected and safe round the clock. The hooter produces a loud audible alarm and strobe light if something unusual is detected in your CCTV cameras and other security sensors.For instance, if the back door opens in the middle of the night, the hooter sounds a loud alarm alerting you of unauthorised entry. Similarly, if intruders try to disable security sensors, the hooter detects the movement and alerts you.
  6. Wireless PIR
    An easy to install smart security device, the PIR motion sensor alerts you whenever it detects any physical motion within twenty feet. Use this device to keep track of less used areas in your home like the backyard, terrace, and balconies.
  7. CCTV Cameras – Indoor and Outdoor
    Add an extra pair of eyes to monitor your home 24/7. Smart security cameras track what’s happening in every nook and corner of your home alerting you to unauthorised entry, and providing you with tremendous peace of mind.
  8. Universal LCD Remote
    Now, you don’t have to deal with separate remotes for every home appliance. Instead, control all your appliances and smart security solutions with a single multi-functional LCD remote.

Your Home Deserves a Smart Upgrade
Check out these eight must-have devices that are part of Eurovigil’s home automation system in India and unlock the doors to the power of home automation.

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