Office buildings, retail outlets, shops, factories, and warehouses are prime targets for break-ins. This is because thieves and other miscreants are well aware that the building is empty through the night. This makes them easy targets.

However, there are plenty of ways you can outsmart burglars by stepping up your security game. Here, is a list of Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to commercial security systems to ensure that your property, possessions, and staff stay safe and secure 24 x 7.

Do: Make sure that your Cameras are in the Right Location

One of the most important factors to keep in mind when using surveillance systems for your business is to ensure that the CCTV cameras are placed in the right spots. Check that the cameras cover the entire perimeter and there are no blind spots. Additionally, make sure that you position cameras near all entry points like windows and doors, so that you capture a clear image of anyone trying to break in.

Do: Consider the Specific needs of your Business

When it comes to security, “No one size fits all.” For instance, an office located in a remote area requires more protection than one located in a busy intersection. Before you invest in commercial security solutions, make sure that you do a risk assessment of your property to find a security system that matches your requirements.

Don’t: Forget to Secure the Interior of your Buildings

When it comes to security, most business owners are more concerned about protecting it from burglars and miscreants. They fail to recognize the potential security risks on campus. You need to keep an eye on your staff and customers to avoid vandalism and other malicious acts. So, when you’re considering securing your office building, make sure that you protect it both from outside intruders and unscrupulous employees on the inside.

Do: Opt for Remote Monitoring

While installing a security system is a step in the right direction, it doesn’t end there. You need someone to monitor the feed 24 x7. Non-monitored surveillance systems just turn on loud alarms and floodlights, when an intrusion occurs. On the other hand, when you choose commercial surveillance systems with round-the-clock monitoring, your feed is watched 24 x 7 by a team, which alerts the local police, business owner, and others as soon as intrusion occurs. Additionally, such systems can look out for other emergencies like fire.

Do: Review your Security System Regularly

Surveillance systems are the best way to keep an eye on what’s happening in your office, even while you aren’t there. Make sure that you check the feed regularly, so that you are alerted of inappropriate employee behaviour. Also, make sure that your cameras are working correctly and have it repaired as soon as you spot some malfunctions.

Don’t: Install Security Systems by Yourself

While you can use the help of YouTube videos to try to patch together a system by yourself, the result is always subpar. When you choose a professional, you essentially hire an expert team who provides you with the best commercial building security systems that meet your security needs as well as your budget.

Additionally, when you work with professional security experts like Eurovigil, you are assured of excellent after-sales customer service, remote monitoring, and quick repairs.

Use this list to navigate the vast world of commercial security systems easily.

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