Installing a security system or an access control system is often perceived unnecessary, but only until the time our loved ones or our assets are at risk from theft or burglary. The biggest reason why someone should consider using or installing an access control system by Eurovigil is that these systems offer solid protection from intruders.

A home or building that does not have a security system, are more likely to be targeted by burglars and intruders. Well, this is a good enough reason why one must consider installing a security system or an access control system at home or workplace.

Eurovigil Access Control System

Access control can be quite difficult in an organisational setting. Although, every employee requires a certain level of access to do his job, but often do we hear that employees misuse the access given to them.

Over the years, numerous types of access control systems have evolved, ranging from the basic keypad locked door system to the card access system to the latest electronic door locks. Though there has been considerable development in the field, a perfect access control system remains a thing in the future. However, a proper and efficient use of the available resources and technology, a secure and safe access control is plausible.

With a nationwide presence and product strength Eurovigil, a tributary of Eureka Forbes is the first name that comes to the mind. With exemplary customer service and trained professional technicians, Eurovigil has become a trusted partner in home security and access control systems across the country.

Types of Access Control Systems

Eurovigil offers a multitude of Access control systems suitable for both home and workplace:

  • Eurovigil I Deter 100 (Biometric Access Control System): With a whopping capacity of 100000 transactions and an amazing memory capacity to store 1000 fingerprints, the Eurovigil I Deter 100 offers double protection due to its unable-to-forge feature of biometrics and the voice assistance provided. With multi-language support and an in-built RFID card reader facility, the Eurovigil I Deter 100 is apt for security access control purposes in offices and organisations.
  • Eurovigil I Deter 200 (Advanced Biometric Access Control System): A variant of the Eurovigil I Deter 100 (Biometric Access Control System), the Eurovigil I Deter 200 can store over 3000 fingerprints. It further comes with an advanced faster processing; GPRS facility and it can easily identify a fingerprint in less than 2 sec.
  • Eurovigil I Deter 300 (Eurovigil Access Control System): It’s suitable for educational institutions and shops as it keeps track of attendance of employees and offers door lock control from the central computer. Integration with fire alarm system, tamper alarm feature, time and attendance management are just additional benefits user gets on using Eurovigil I Deter 300 Access Control System.
  • Eurovigil Digital Door lock (Yale YDR 4110): Offers pin code or fingerprint access as per convenience, invisible keypad, voice guidance, operation status notification, and automatic locking and alarm system, the Eurovigil digital door lock is the best door lock access control system.After taking a look at features offered by Eurovigil Access Control Systems, we can say that a perfect access control system is indeed possible which provides security to our residential and commercial spaces.

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